The “New” Domino

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The following track is a short audio piece I did surrounding my current documentary (2011) entitled The Domino Effect. For more information on this issue and the concurring documentary, please visit Click the play button below to listen. [mp3j … Continued


Donate to this project today!:​projects/​thedominoeffect/​the-domino-effect The Domino Effect is a feature length documentary film that explores the process of real estate development in New York City and digs deep to uncover the complex networks of banks, developers, politicians, and … Continued

DIY 3D Rig

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This 3D rig is the 3rd generation of mounts that I have built for various cameras. It uses interchangeable cameras and custom mounts for a variety of uses. I currently have 2 HD cameras, and 2 Standard definition cameras to … Continued

Salesman (2009)

A take on the “Deregulation of 2012.” What if the drug industry were to be deregulated? Would the door-to-door salesman make a comeback? Follow Woody and A.D.A.M. on their quest to explore capitalism and its possible pitfalls. Winner of a … Continued

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