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Hunter College

New York, NY/ Class of 2011

MFA, Integrated Media Arts

California State University

Sacramento, CA / Class of 2002

BS, Media Communication/ Television Production

Cum Laude


Awards & Honors

Telly Award (2004)

Telly Award (2003)

International Communicator Award (2002)

National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame, Athlete of the Year (2002)

NCAA All Academic Award


Dr. Miendel Academic

Excellence Award (1998-2001)

National Deans List (1999/2000)



















Advanced Aptitude;

3 Camera Studio Systems, HD Video Production & Workflows, Documentary Production Workflows, Makerbot Replicator G Production Environments, ShopBot V-Varve Production Environments, 3D Video Production & Editing, Arduino I/O & Coding Environments, Pro Tools 10, Adobe Master Collection CS6

(PP, AE, PS, AME, SG), Final Cut Pro Studio 7, MAX/MSP/JITTER, WordPress 3.5, Blackboard 8, Blackboard Mobile, Social Media Theory & Application, OSX, Windows, iOS, Linux OS, Jailbreaking, 1337 Speak


JVC GY-970U, Panasonic HMC-150, Panasonic HMC-40, Canon 5d/T2i, MBOX, Replicator 2, ShopBot Desktop, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Audio Mixing Consoles, Field Audio Recording Equipment, Studio/Field Lighting Equipment, 12+ Video Switching Consoles, A/V Patch Bays, Blackmagic Cards & Converters, Networked RAID Environments





PSC/CUNY HEO Professional Development Fund (2008/2009/2010)




The Domino Effect; Documentary (2012), •

The Alley 3D; Short (2011), •

Salesman; Short (2009), •

Shanxi – CUNY Exchange; Documentary (2009),•

Auditory Artist; Documentary (2008), •

Prospect Dreaming; Documentary (2009), •

Draft My Paper; Educational (2006), •

US Open of Racquetball; Live Televised (2005-2006)



Because I Row; Commercial (2011), •

The House of Pete & Travis; Shorts (2009) •

NASA SEMA Program; Documentary (2009), •

Ed Koch Promo; Commercial (2007), •

The Grass is Greener; Short (2005)

3rd Alarm; TV Magazine (2002-2004)

City Beat; TV Magazine (2002-2004)



The Domino Effect

The Pratt Institute

The Woods, presented by NAG Brooklyn

DocWorks @ The CUNY Grad Center

Greenpoint Film Festival

Williamsburg International Film Festival

The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, presented by Filmwax

The Urban Planning Program at Hunter College

The Urban Planning Program at Brooklyn College

The Alley 3D

BeFilm International Film Festival


IMA Interactive Show

Draft My Paper

The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

Writing Across the Curriculum Conference at the CUNY Grad Center



Peripheral Visions; Casabella and Domus Interactive (2012)

The Lang Gallery, NY, NY. iPad art installation. Interactive analysis

of Casabella and Domus magazines from 1950-present. Presented in

conjunction with the Peripheral Visions art show, this piece used a

Jailbroken iPad and heavily modified Prezi presentation software.




Winter Abandon (2010)

iArt Interactive Showcase, NY, NY. Arduino based art installation.

3D interactive video interfacing with MAX/MSP/JITTER. Exploring

the data that surrounds NYC homeless during the long winter




•Publications & Presentations


The Domino Effect: How Development in New York City is

Often Bittersweet. Provost Lecture Series. (2011)

Part of the 2012 York College Provost Lecture Series, this campus-

wide presentation explored the public data used in the storytelling of

The Domino Effect. •


Peripheral Visions: Italian Photography in Context, 1950s-Present.

Charta Books. ISBN 8881588374 (2012)

Contributing author. Exploring a work by Italian landscape

photographer, Walter Niedermayr. •


Provisional Patent Awarded. iPhoneoscope, 3D goggles for the iPhone


Designed and pursued a patent for a set of 3D goggles for the

iPhone and other smartphone devices. Provisional Patent was

awarded in May of 2009. Patent process was abandoned due the

introduction of prior art and the pursuance of a more open source

approach to future design work. •


iPads on Campus: A Look at the Positives and Pitfalls of Adopting

Emerging Technology Platforms. CUNY IT Conference. (2010)

Co-Presenter. Presented ways that remote desktop and secure

could help bridge the divide between desktop functionality

and tablet.


NYC, Home of the Homeless. The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia

Projects. (2010)

Instructor reflection on the student research and production

approach for Anna Charles’ NYC, Home of the Homeless.


Content Management in the Cloud: THE END OF LOCALLY

HOSTED MEDIA. CUNY IT Conference. (2009)

Co-Presenter. Offered ways to circumvent CUNY IT departments

to keep storage costs down, while increasing reliability/flexibility in

streaming video.




Changing Realities and Creating WAC Synergies Through Film: A

Case Study of Institutional Embeddedness in Multiple Media.

The Conference on College Composition and Communication, (CCCC). (2008)

Co-Presenter. Reflection on the student/researcher production

process and approach to educational filmmaking for the film Draft

My Paper.





Fall 2013            York College CUNY

Jamaica, NY                                Building & Hacking (CT137)


Course Description: An introduction to electronics, programming and prototyping through building, rebuilding, modifying, and creating software, electronic hardware, or anything else, either to make it better or faster or to give it added features or to make it do something it was never intended to do.


Spring 2013+       York College CUNY

Jamaica, NY                                                  Studio Television Production (CT240)


Course Description: Techniques in contemporary digital television production including multi-camera techniques, lighting, sound and post-production for studio elements as well as outside segment production.


Fall 2012+           York College CUNY

Jamaica, NY                                                  Intro to Motion Graphics (CT345)


Course Description: Introduction to the techniques of motion graphics production for television and video: video effects and animation; lighting and shooting of blue screens; and layering of video sequences. Using non-linear editing workstations, students will produce videos using current video and effects software.


Spring 2012        York College CUNY

Jamaica, NY                                                  Advanced Documentary

Production (CT355)


Course Description: Fundamentals of video documentary production: pre-production planning, budgeting, scripting, shooting, editing, and directing. Students in small groups learn the theory and techniques of using portable digital video cameras, lighting and sound equipment in field work and complete digital editing with titles, voiceover, music, and special effects in a studio setting. A brief history and role of the documentary is also included.


Spring 2011+       York College CUNY

Jamaica, NY                                                  Webcasting (CT380)


Course Description: Overview of streaming media solutions, delving into the technologies of compression and delivery. The history of streaming media and the implementation of various multimedia architectures are included. Principles and techniques of setting up and configuring various streaming media servers, and examining their impact on web distribution.





2006 to Present   York College CUNY

Jamaica, NY                                Multimedia Facilities Coordinator


Manage the York College television studio/multimedia facilities and assist with all Communications Technology (CT) Courses. In charge of budget and technology research & purchasing for the CT Program. Produce all commercial material, including web ads, cable material, and educational videos from York College. Serve as an adjunct professor for the Communications Technology Program.  Teach Advanced Digital Video, Basic Television Studio Production, Webcasting, Hacking & Building, and Advanced Documentary Production.


2004 to 2006       Royster Productions

Los Angeles, CA                       Head of Production


Lead Editor/Producer/System Administrator for a variety of broadcast

and non-broadcast productions. Also served as the purchasing/rental manager for all High Definition equipment. Directed and produced all live broadcast events. Also served as the post-production coordinator, overseeing and participating in

all aspects of post-production, from off-line editing to duplication.


2005                 Adore Shop Magazine

Los Angeles, CA                       Photographer


Freelance Photographer for a nationwide fashion magazine. Specialized in prints for sellers and in-magazine catalogue advertisements.


2002 to 2004       Peppers & Associates

Sacramento, CA                        Chief of Production


Lead Editor / Lead Videographer on two award-winning television shows airing on Sacramento’s local ABC affiliate, News10. Designed and maintained the IT infrastructure for Peppers & Associates. Also headed the creation of all motion graphics, print media, DVD authoring, and DVD offset art production.



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