CT 240 Television Studio Production

TV Studio @ York College

Live Broadcasted, Final Projects. TOMORROW @ 7pm!

Hey all.. I just released a press (Style) release about our show. Please see the bottom of this post. I have put together an itinerary for tomorrow: 5pm:  Optimal Call Time for all actors and Crew. The first ones there will have more time to rehearse with the crew. 6pm: Actual call time for cast and crew (Due […]

Reminder for tomorrow (April 3rd)

Hello everyone.. We covered these requirements in class.. but since we have not met in a couple of weeks, I wanted to remind you of what you will need to bring in tomorrow. 1. We will be taking a look at your rough cuts of the commercials that you shot over the break. Please have them on […]

Production Groups – PROJECT 1, Commercials

Group 1: Dove Moisturizer Adewole Ishonda Shanaa Renae Tiffany, Erica, Tanisha Group 2: Neutrogena Katherina Danni Qazi Ra-Shawn Mylo, Anthony Group 3: Relpax Kayla Yaisy Andrew Irum Michelle, Tanisha Group 4: 7-11 Samson Nacilia Tiffany Shakira Oyinka, Vanya

News Show

I am a huge soccer fan. I am always watching soccer news. My show idea is based on the Fox Soccer channel’s soccer segment called Goals on Sunday. It is held weekly and it covers soccer news from around the globe. My show will be quite similar to this. It will  be aired weekly and […]

Show Idea+ Floor Plan+ Set

My show idea is about two young couples above 20s, just start a brand new life together and they only have a studio.  The title would be Studio Life, I like two shows is also have lots of family shots, such as Friends and Growing with Pain. T episode1: They just start to moving in. episode2: Their […]

Midterm requirements

Hello everyone. Thanks for making Wednesday evenings class a blast. I hope that the 1/2in scale stuff translated well. Just remember… As you build your 2D models up.. HINT:   the ceiling in the studio is 12ft tall, but the lights come down to about 7ft. How tall are your models? Please take a look at […]

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