CT 240 Television Studio Production

TV Studio @ York College

Show Idea! (Week 3)

The Message

T.V show that I would like to do is called The Message and it will be open mic with a very small audience.  This show will be for people 12 years old and above.  Every episode of The Message is based on a style of poetry, so every episode is a new style. I would […]

The Tossed Family Salad

My idea is a comedy TV show— just like Modern Family— called The Tossed Family Salad. This comedy, depicts how the American society has been changing and how families are facing those changes regarding socio-cultural, economic and technological topics. The Tossed Family Salad will have a single camera setup with a running time around 22 […]

Show Idea: State Lines

In this reality/comedy two buddies, who have nothing better to do with their lives, travel the country, state-to-state, on a quest to find adventure, uncover cultural norms and expand their overall success- All the while devising unusual, yet elaborate ways to constantly challenge one another. Being a traveling reality show, wherever the camera crew follows […]

(Shakira D.) Live Show Idea—“Sly”

“Making that transition from high school to college can be very daunting for an individual. You know no one, you have to make new friends, you’re away from your friends and family, you have to find the balance between school and play and so much more. Some people handle it well others don’t. Sly (Sylvester) […]


“Gurlz” is a single-camera comedy featuring the characters Maria, Willard, Qiana and Khadijah. They all live together in an apartment in Morningside Heights, New York City. [Harlem. It’s Harlem that they live in. The neighborhood’s different name is a creative decision.]  The idea was originally conceived in summer of 2012 with some friends as a […]

Show Idea: Puerto Rican Pride

My show is a mixture of multicamera heritage and drama comedy. The show will be called “Nuyorican Chica”. The point of the show is the view of a teenage girl caught between two cultures. My show would be geared to the teenaged to young adults around the 12-16yr age bracket. The main character’s name is […]

Live Show: Mental Hospital Sit-com

From the brain of Samson comes a new and incredibly complex comedy drama. The Show is called “Institutionalized.” What is the show about? — Mr. Smith finds out about the funny side of his new position as the senior custodian at a mental hospital with the help of a long time resident Mr. Doe who […]

Pay The Toll!

This One! (Couldn’t Embed) Pay The Toll is a show about a 49-year-old guy named Samir. He is originally from Calcutta, India. He just came to America with his 47-year-old wife, his 16-year-old daughter, three chickens, and a goat, and lives in Nassau County. This show would be a comedy sitcom about his home and […]


I’ve always wanted to create a sketch comedy series. One that has a small but very divers cast doing all the skits. I’ve played with a few name is in my head but I haven’t been able to think of something uniquely catchy, I’m still working on it. The last name I came up with […]

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