CT 240 Television Studio Production

TV Studio @ York College

Week 3 Homework

News Show

I am a huge soccer fan. I am always watching soccer news. My show idea is based on the Fox Soccer channel’s soccer segment called Goals on Sunday. It is held weekly and it covers soccer news from around the globe. My show will be quite similar to this. It will  be aired weekly and […]

The Message

T.V show that I would like to do is called The Message and it will be open mic with a very small audience.  This show will be for people 12 years old and above.  Every episode of The Message is based on a style of poetry, so every episode is a new style. I would […]

Show Idea: Puerto Rican Pride

My show is a mixture of multicamera heritage and drama comedy. The show will be called “Nuyorican Chica”. The point of the show is the view of a teenage girl caught between two cultures. My show would be geared to the teenaged to young adults around the 12-16yr age bracket. The main character’s name is […]

Show Idea

My show idea comes “Sesame Street” with a more urban and realistic twist to it. It is a children’s show however, what makes this show unique is its realism and the fact that anybody can learn something new from it. It’s not the usual “ABC” lessons or how to make a friend, it’s really about […]

Week 3 Reading & Post

  Hello Class.. Below, you wil find the assignments for the next TWO weeks. We will not have class next week due to the Ko0kY CUNY schedule… So… There is a lot of reading and a test when you get back (similar to last week). You will also be required to create a blog post […]