CT 240 Television Studio Production

TV Studio @ York College

Live Broadcasted, Final Projects. TOMORROW @ 7pm!

Hey all.. I just released a press (Style) release about our show. Please see the bottom of this post.

I have put together an itinerary for tomorrow:

5pm:  Optimal Call Time for all actors and Crew. The first ones there will have more time to rehearse with the crew.

6pm: Actual call time for cast and crew (Due to finals beforehand)

6-8pm 2-hour rehearsal time


7pm: Begin “Behind the scenes” Broadcast With Michael Smith

8pm:  Live Stream starts with GROUP 1

8:15: Live Stream starts with GROUP 2

8:30:  Live Stream starts with GROUP 3

8:45: Go behind the scenes and present the award to the team with the highest votes.

9pm:  Wrap up, break down, and have a pizza party

The live stream will go live at 6:30pm on Wednesday May 22nd at www.YorkCommTech.net


Voting will happen in one of two ways; by using the hashtag #YorkJackpot or through your mobile by texting your vote to (732) 596-7528




This semester, the Acting for Television course and the TV Studio Production course at York College  have worked together in parallel to provide a unique opportunity for our students to experience both sides of the camera. By working together in the creation of top-noch media and live programming over the spring semester, students have studied and practiced the craft of the Live TV Production. On Wednesday evening, this effort will crest with the LIVE broadcast of their collaborative final project, Jackpot.

We will be live-streaming our TA316 & CT 240 final project this Wednesday starting at 7pm @ www.YorkCommTech.net. During the course of the show, viewers will get a “behind the scenes” look into the production of Jackpot, written by our own PF&A Adjunct, Russell Jordan. You will also get a chance to vote on the best group of actors (and directors) of the evening.

Voting will happen in one of two ways; by using the Twitter hashtag #YorkJackpot or through your mobile, by texting your vote to (732) 596-7528. All of this will be explained on the website and live-stream, so don’t worry about writing this down, JUST TUNE IN!

So please, point your browsers to www.YorkCommTech.net Wednesday, May 22nd, with the “behind the scenes” starting at 7pm. The production of Jackpot will start promptly at 8pm, so please stay tuned. 

Be a part of the conversation by tweeting with @YorkCommTech. See you then!

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