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(Shakira D.) Live Show Idea—“Sly”

“Making that transition from high school to college can be very daunting for an individual. You know no one, you have to make new friends, you’re away from your friends and family, you have to find the balance between school and play and so much more. Some people handle it well others don’t.

Sly (Sylvester) Grant is one of those college newbies trying to adjust to his new found environment. He went to one of the top high schools in the State of New York, carried a 3.9 gpa upon graduating, he was student body president, and voted most likely to succeed. But will he really succeed? Or will the pressure to fit in and feel wanted by any means  over ride his parents’ goal of his success?”

In a nutshell , I want a live show that chronicles the life of a super sheltered eighteen year old honor student  and how he basically changes from that to being the complete opposite. He maintains his good boy stature until he meets the wrong people in his sophomore year in an attempt to rebel from his parents and to fit in. He eventually drops out, starts robbing/killing people, doing drugs, and all that “bad boy” jazz. Along the way he meets different people. Some try to help him get back on track, others he’ll meet will continue to deviate him towards the wrong side. A great gift he has is not getting caught (he’s kind of like the dude that plays Django’s sidekick in the film. Smooth but deadly .)

This show would be a multicamera drama with some hints of comedy as well.

People between the ages of 16-39 would watch it.

Possible first five episodes:

1. New Beginnings part 1–Basic intro. Shows Sly moving in, getting settled with his roommate. Roommate sees how studious he is. Teases him about it, fight breaks out threats are made, Sly gets beat up ,etc.

2. New Beginnings part 2–Sly is moved to a new room with a new roommate. This roommate is more “out there” . Tries to get sly to do things out of his character, etc.

3. The Party–His roommate invites him to a party, makes him drink, gets him drunk for the first time. Chicks approach him once they see he’s let loose. He and one specific girl become intimate. Things happen between them, he is now deemed as cool.

4. The Morning After –The night before was basically like an initiation, his friend count increased overnight.  The chicks are all over him now, He’s slowly starting to change and loose his studious ways.

5. The Call–One of his new buddy calls him up and asks him if he wanted to go for a ride to get beer, little does he know, his crew is up to something that would change his life—and not in a good way.

My set would probably have lighting and production complexity like “Community”.

I’d like a lot of blues not only to represent drama, but also blues tend to represent boys in general.

color palate:  color

Community(this is more comical but I’d like mine to be a mixture of drama and comedy):

Saved by the Bell:

9 thoughts on “(Shakira D.) Live Show Idea—“Sly”

  • Danni Santana says:

    Here’s what gravitated me towards this show. I feel like it could be a really funny show. Taking a teenager that was sheltered and suddenly they are in college by themselves coping with the “college lifestyle”. The person not knowing what they’re in for makes what could happen to them, depending on where you take the show, quite comical. Only thing missing from the post were pics of sets, but I see where you’re going with this showing that college is a whole new world

  • Samson says:

    Overall it definitely has originality- especially with the whole bad boy thing. I’m just a bit worried that the storyline develops a bit too rapidly. how does a person go from living his life one way for 18 years and in 5 episodes he’s a societal terror.

  • Shaw says:

    I believe this show would have a lot of potential. Because of the growing number of students seeking a college education I think this show would gain instant popularity simply because of their ability to relate to being a freshman. However if you intend on making it a live show I would consider adding a comedy element to this, otherwise I believe it would be better as a pre-recorded show

  • renaealisha says:

    This sounds like a great show. I would definitely want to watch. I do agree with others that the pace can be slowed down a bit but at the same time it doesn’t need to slow too much. People want the action and the drama and it will get boring if nothing happens. We don’t need to see every detail of everyday of his life in the show so you could probably just fit in another episode of him as a good boy. Overall I think this would be a great show and I definitely would want to watch.

  • creativenas says:

    first of all, let me say i absolutely love the show’s name. I like the fact that it is just one word. really simple and very catchy for a drama name. i like the fact that you have made the first episode a two part series. it kinda slowly eases us (the viewers) into getting to know the main character. I’ve seen this done with a couple of other drama’s. the only thing i would have liked to see was an actual set. considering that your show seems to be really specific and well thought out. it would have been nice to see what a set for a show like this would look like. is he living in a dorm? or an apt with friends when he just moved in? i’m not sure if i missed it but does sly have a side kick? a childhood friend that knew “the old him”? i really like where this is going. it would be nice to see what develops.

  • Irum Malik says:

    I think your show will attract so many people because each one of us has experienced this struggle of adjusting ourselves in a new place. looking forward to this

  • katbot8900 says:

    This sounds like a good idea. I hope you don’t fall into the melodrama trap and that you have really good progress in his character development. He could be like the good boy next door turned into an anti-hero. This whole idea reminds me of one my favorite manga, and I’d definitely check it out. You could have this be a dark comedy like Weeds.

  • cybernotes says:

    Sounds promising. Showing what could happen if you make the wrong choices. I like the color palette reminds me of the street setting maybe you can add a little color to represent the different “gangs”

  • Yaisy_Mendoza says:

    I say yes. I wIll see this show. I like the way you made me want to know more about your idea. Yes, when you said: “But will he really succeed? ” It is an interesting topic or issue. Actually, this show will present how peer pressure works. Actually, I met somebody like Sly, so this haopens in real-life too. I also like your color Palate ideas.: Brown aand black are very dramatic. . Maybe, i wiould extend my demographic-audience to 48 —to reach parents too,.. I am ready to watch— episode 1.

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