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Live Show: Mental Hospital Sit-com

From the brain of Samson comes a new and incredibly complex comedy drama.

The Show is called “Institutionalized.”

What is the show about? — Mr. Smith finds out about the funny side of his new position as the senior custodian at a mental hospital with the help of a long time resident Mr. Doe who becomes his friend.

The show is filmed as a Multi-cam comedy. A cross between the classic early 90s Drama sit-com like Full House or Family Matters and standard dramas like House M.D.

My show would support very broad demographics since it will include aspects of both sexes, many American cultures, and be in English (and might as well throw in SAP).  Age is the only demographic that will most likely be limited. It will be  unlikely that children will watch, but if its age appropriate content then it is possible. Seniors may enjoy a situation comedy about folks they may know and may be enticed to watch.

Since there is alot of room to go with this idea it was not too difficult to come up with ideas for episodes.

1)Mr. Smiths first day- how he becomes the custodian at such a place. He also meets his first patient Mr. Doe and becomes friends with him.

2)Mr. Smith finds out that Mr. Doe is a part of a clique of patients and joins in.

3)Mr. Smith takes the night shift and finds out about the night life in the hospital.

4)Mr. Doe gets into “trouble” with other custodians and Mr. Smith has to play his cards right not to ruin his friendship or a pleasant workplace.

5a)Mr. smith gets diagnosed as crazy by the doctors because he is hanging around mr. doe so much. -or- 5b)we  find out that the whole story was all in mr. smith’s head, and really it is Mr. Smith who is crazy (see shutter island).

My sets would not be very complicated. Most mental asylums are very mildly colored as to keep the patients calm. Most episodes the hallways would look something like this:

White walls and mild tiles

in certain episodes- if there is a twist- a may make the hall look like this:


similarly colored walls and floor tiles- but the doors look prison like.

Some rooms for added flavor and a classic psychiatric ward feel would be padded and all white but regular rooms would be the norm- for ex:

In short the color scheme would be white to a deep tan or light brown with some blues and greens for comfort. Something like this but with more blue:

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 8.42.11 PM

7 thoughts on “Live Show: Mental Hospital Sit-com

  • andrewjohnsonct240 says:

    I love this idea. I think this show has the potential to have humor similar in nature to Shameless on Showtime. I also like the idea of alternate endings to the last episode. I think you should put the show endings up to a live vote by the audience at home to see what ending they feel will be better. I can see this show having great humor and drama aspects to it. I think your show will be a widespread hit.

  • Danni Santana says:

    Most creative idea I’ve read thus far. I loved both House and Full House growing up so I cross between these shows is interesting. The show episode ideas are simple, but effective. I agree with Andrew that the alternate endings should have been up for a public vote. Apart from that like I mentioned I think it’s very intriguing because people forget that the janitor is usually ignored or unnoticed and knows more than he/she lets on.

  • Irum Malik says:

    i’m curious to watch a blend of craziness and comedy, and I would like to see how you go about this show – Not a fan of watching craziness, but the funny side of this show should make it easy and joy-able to watch.

  • cybernotes says:

    I like the idea of mixing two different themes such as Full House and House. It would be one crazy show for a crazy mental facility :). The only thing I’m a bit confused about is the responsibilities of the custodian it seems he is more like a caretaker of the those in the facility.

  • creativenas says:

    i like the set, it’s really eery and rather suitable for a show like this. i like the color scheme that you chose. shows that you thought about it. the colors are rather daunting so it definitely suits the purpose. maybe you could expand on the episodes a little bit, without giving away too much. also, is it a drama or comedy? or a little bit of both?

    • Samson says:

      Have you ever seen the show House MD and/or the show Full House or Family Matters? Well, my idea is a mash-up of those styles. House MD is a drama which has comedic undertones, while Full House and Family Matters are classic family situation drama/comedies.

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