CT 240 Television Studio Production

TV Studio @ York College

Midterm requirements

Hello everyone. Thanks for making Wednesday evenings class a blast. I hope that the 1/2in scale stuff translated well. Just remember… As you build your 2D models up..

HINT:   the ceiling in the studio is 12ft tall, but the lights come down to about 7ft. How tall are your models?

Please take a look at the deliverables below. All objects will be due at the beging of class.

Midterm deliverables (Graded):

  1. 2D, hand drawn rendering that was due last week. This should properly reflect your 3D set design. (20pts)
  2. 2D lighting overlay that was also due last week. Please put some thought into your lighting design. (15pts)
  3. Full 3D, foam board mockup of your set. Please include cameras, walls, flooring, and any other elements of your set. Should be full color.
  4. Storyboard of Shots. Your Storyboards should reflect your at least FOUR shots that you will have in your show.. You can find the storybord download Here. Please use this template to attache to your completed storyboard. Please create FOUR total. Feel free to print out photos of your real camera angles and insert into your storyboards (20pts)

You will be graded on your 3D sets per the below requirements:

Scale Accuracy




Complimentary Colors Chosen (5)



Midterm Total ____/100

Please let me know if you have any questions. During Wednesdays class, we will present our models and talk about the next project that will be shot over the next month. I will be in all week as well.. Prof. Phelps

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