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Reverse Engineering-NBC News Clip

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Note to everyone. I tried to embed the clip several times (after the script was finished). I even went to Youtube to see if the video was on there (maybe it will be one day when the story gets old, considering it is fairly new) and it was not, so unfortunately you have to click on the link to see what I am talking about. Apparently, some news organizations rather you come to their website to see the news clips rather then let you embed them (website traffic+advertisements=$$$).


(Embeds disabled on site)

I chose this clip because I am familiar with news clips and packages since I am a journalism major so I understood the b-roll, cutaways, and voice overs quite well. I also like  NBC news. In addition, I found the story to be pretty cool. Parking lots will never be looked at the same.

Harvin, Shanaa_NBC News_Script

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