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CT 240

Basic Studio Television


Daniel Phelps, dphelps@york.cuny.edu

Office Hours: Tuesday 10am-12pm

by appointment only


Course Description: Techniques in contemporary digital television production including multi-camera techniques, lighting, set building, sound and post-production for studio elements. 2 hrs. lecture; 2 hrs. lab; 3 cr. Prereq: CT 101.


You will be introduced to the principles of producing television content in a modern studio setting. By learning “The signal chain,” we will attempt to explore every role that the television studio has to offer. EVERY student will perform EVERY role and be evaluated by the group. This class will be co-run with TA 316, Acting for Television.


Course Objectives: : By the completion of this course you will have; (1) helped develop, produced and edited short, non-fiction segments with studio stand ups which are the basis for much of contemporary television programming; (2) rotated between various crew functions so that each student will be responsible for a particular part/position of a segment; (3) understood the rights and clearances required for broadcast; (4) created a scale studio set; (5) designed and lit a full studio set; (6) produced 3 episodes of a broadcast quality television show, commercials, and single camera setups.


The main goal of your work in this class will be to add to your current portfolio and demo reel. The core project that you will be expected to create in this class will be a “Live Show Reel” that will incorporate Live Directed show segments.


Topics to be covered:

  1. Studio production and multi camera basics: multi-camera production camera vs. remote single camera production.
  2. Multi-camera terminology and crew assignments.
  3. Set design and lighting.
  4. Producing the program – research, development, Script Modifications.
  5. Writing the script and shot list.
  6. Preparing for and executing a 3-camera studio shoot.
  7. Non-linear editing of segments into a full show.
  8. Basic audio editing and mixing.
  9. Simple effects such as text, lower thirds, wipes, fades.




Homework and Projects 50%

Reading Tests 20%

Mid-term group evaluation 15%

Final Group Project Evaluation 15%


  • If you have 3 or more un-excused absences during the semester you grade will be automatically dropped 5% or your total grade (excused absences must be cleared with the professor prior to the class)


Required Media and Reading:

Utterback, Andrew (2007), Studio Television Production and Directing. Burlington, MA: Focal Press

Studio Operations Manual, (PDF Form). YorkTV, 2011

Video examples and demonstration via the class Blog.

Compass, Protractor, Ruler, MiniDV tape.


Class Blog: http://www.daniel-phelps.com/CT240_F13


Schedule (Subject to Change):


Policy on ABS/INC grades:

The following overview is condensed from York’s grading policy website:




“ A student who, because of extenuating circumstances, is absent from the final examination and has completed the work for the course with a passing average may be assigned an ABS grade. The student, in consultation with the instructor, has up to three weeks in the subsequent semester within which to take the final and have the grade resolved, even if not registered in the subsequent semester.


A student who has taken the final examination, but, because of extenuating circumstances, has not completed the work for the course, and has a passing average may, at the discretion of the instructor, receive an INC grade. The student, in consultation with the instructor, has up to 10 weeks in the subsequent semester to complete the work and have the grade resolved even if not registered in the subsequent semester.


The grades of INC or ABS are not considered in computing the academic index. However, if a grade change is not received by the Office of the Registrar within the above specified limits, the grades of INC and ABS are changed to FIN and FAB, respectively. These grades are considered as F grades when computing the academic index”


Pollcy on Academic Integrity:

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