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Show Idea: Puerto Rican Pride

My show is a mixture of multicamera heritage and drama comedy. The show will be called “Nuyorican Chica”. The point of the show is the view of a teenage girl caught between two cultures. My show would be geared to the teenaged to young adults around the 12-16yr age bracket. The main character’s name is Rosa Maria Sanchez.

The two shows that gave inspiration to this one is

“Switched at Birth”

Which is about a deaf teen and a half puerto rican teen find out that they were switched at birth and learn more about each other’s lifestyle.


and “Bunheads”

which is about teen girls and their dance teacher with a lot of comedic sarcasm



1- Welcome back to the USA: Rosa comes back from spending the summer with her cousins in Puerto Rico. Papi got a new job opportunity and the family moves from the Lower East side to a Long Island suburb

2- Social Adjustments- The suburb, Rosa and the family move to is predominantly white.  As any new student she runs into trouble with the popular girls.

3- Boundaries – Rosa catches the eye of one of the cute guys in class but is in a dilemma because she is not allowed to date till she is 15 and has her Quinceanera. And decides to date behind her Papi’s back. She tries out for the school musical.

4- La Vida no es facil (Life is not easy)- Seeing that Rosa has the attention of the her crush. Jeanette, leader of the clique, sets out to sabotage Rosa at her audition but meets pure nuyorican fury.

5- Nadie me entiende (Nobody understands me)- After getting in trouble both at school and with her parents in getting into a fight with Jeanette. She has to deal with punishment from both ends only to be thrown a curve ball when her “perfect” older cousin from Puerto Rico comes to stay for the school year.




The show will be primarily in the high school and

pr interior


at her house with occasional out of scene hangouts like the popular deli. Her house would have a layout like this with a bit more color.

Since this is a Puerto Rican heritage show the colors would be

Puerto Rican Flag  colors and Jewel tones with a  Latino feel.


8 thoughts on “Show Idea: Puerto Rican Pride

  • tthomas says:

    The show idea sounds interesting. Would it be a single camera, multi-camera? Also is this like a documentary, reality show? I like the colors you picked for the set , very vibrant and cultural. Give more ideas and details, but like I said sounds interesting.

  • katbot8900 says:

    I think your target demographic might actually extend into late teens. I have a lot of friends in their twenties that watch Bunheads and Switched at Birth.

    I think the idea so far is interesting, but I hope you avoid using too cliches like the George Lopez show or something like that.

  • renaealisha says:

    I like the storyline of this show. I think it would be a great idea and that it would keep the interest of people, however the title kind of turns me away. The title makes it seem as if it’s directed toward a specific group of people of a specific culture. Although it’s okay to focus on this culture of this person I just don’t think it should be titled that way because I personally wouldn’t have been interested if I had only seen the title. If I didn’t read the proposal for the story I wouldn’t have wanted to watch.

  • cybernotes says:

    The title is always up for suggestions but generally Nuyorican is a combo for New Yorker and Puerto Rican. (Honestly the chica was a last minute add in)

  • Yaisy_Mendoza says:

    I like the idea, especially because we are living in a multicultural city — just a melting pot or tossed salad— we have different nationalities and cultures, but, in most cases, similar dreams . I like the title; it is related to the concept or show idea. However, I have a conflict with the demographic/ audience. I don’t think tha will be good for 12 years old teens.

  • cybernotes says:

    I was going to put from 13- young adult but I second guessed myself

  • shakiradale says:

    She’s stuck between Puerto Rican and New York culture? I really like this show idea. I have seen this kind of plot in many movies but not so much in a studio produced show. I would be interested in seeing how the main character balances both cultures without compromising either one. I ‘ve seen this happen to people in real life so I know people can relate to it. I think it would do well.

  • cybernotes says:

    I am a Nuyorican, born and raised in New York with parents who were born raise here in the states and grandparents that were born and raised in Puerto Rico; so I would use my experience trying to balance my own life and incorporate it into the show.

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