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Show Idea: State Lines

In this reality/comedy two buddies, who have nothing better to do with their lives, travel the country, state-to-state, on a quest to find adventure, uncover cultural norms and expand their overall success- All the while devising unusual, yet elaborate ways to constantly challenge one another. Being a traveling reality show, wherever the camera crew follows Andre and Wayne would function as the set- places such as outdoor, restaurants and nightclubs.

Andre and Wayne, who have been best friends longer than either one of them can remember, embark on a seemingly endless road trip visiting places such as Hollywood, CA. Chicago, IL. and Las Vegas, NV. Once they arrive at their destinations, the duo engage the locals, visit popular spots and let their overly competitive natures dictate the rest of their stay with occasional celebrity assistance.

While this show is engineered to appeal to audiences of all ages, it is expected to be particularly popular among young adults ages 17-25- especially to more outgoing and adventurous groups.

101: “Pilot” In the premiere episode, Wayne and Andre find themselves in the “Windy City,” Chicago, Illinois where a long time friend and club owner invites the two to spend an evening at his establishment. This quickly escalates to a contest to see which of the two can perform better as DJ, with the crowd as the judge. Rapper Kanye West guest stars.

102: “Sweet Home Alabama” An ordinary night of southern hospitality becomes a  test of who can eat the spiciest foods when Wayne and Andre visit a series of restaurants in Alabama

103: “California Love” A trip to the star cladded Hollywood to meet Actor/comedian Johnny Knoxville involves a week long stretch of cruel practical jokes.

104: What happens in Vegas…” Wayne and Andre discover which of the two can last the longest on a 500 dollar budget in a Vegas casino

105: “All My Exes Live In Texas” In the “Lone Star State” film legend Chuck Norris  acts as a judge while  Wayne and Andre participate in a series of trials ranging from horse back riding skills, to accuracy at a gun range.


2 thoughts on “Show Idea: State Lines

  • Bobby says:

    LMAO ….possibly one of the greatest series of all times. Really enjoyed how you broke it down and made it so engaging. This would deff be something I would watch…and I’m a picky TV person. Two things I’d ask are how long would you foresee the runtime being ? Half hour or full hour show ? Secondly, all the states you mentioned are tops cities that are really far away from each other…are they travelling the states by plane or car ? If by car they would prob need a route that you see a GFX of now and again getting pinned off as they travel along. If by plane you might want to ration out the top cities so you don’t run out of exciting places to look forward to too soon. Other than that…IT’S AWESOME!!

  • Shanaa2013 says:

    Since everyone these days seems to be on the reality tv bandwagon, this idea could work. And Jackass is a show I thought was so stupid yet I still watched the dumb stuff they did because it was entertaining. The demographic is appropriate. In addition, each episode will build on the previous one because the guys would have to do something more outrageous then before, which will draw the audience in.

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