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Show Idea: The Andrew Johnson News Round Table

My plan is to create a news discussion program, that I will call “The Andrew Johnson News Roundtable”. I like this idea because it fits into my major. I hope to have at least four guests at the table with me. I envision my show to be one that talks about the most important stories of the day. In my five episodes, the topics discussed will vary, based on the day. One day, I could be talking about a great win by the Knicks. The next could be a discussion about the Middle East. I plan to have the discussion on my show be as civil as possible. I want to have enlightened conversation and not the shouting matches that you regularly see on television. However, I want the conversation between my guests to be informative as well as interesting to the viewer. My guests and I plan to talk about what is in the news on that particular day and I intend the demographic of the show to be from young to old. I think young people will like this show because what I hope will be youthful energy. I also believe that people of any age will be interested in talking about the big stories of the day. I plan my show to be a mix of the popular ESPN series Pardon the Interruption, which is hosted by Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, and the Shields and Brooks debate segment on the PBS NewsHour. You can see how both shows conduct themselves in the videos below:

As you can see in the two videos, the debate between the men is interesting and informative, which is what I intend this show to be. Finally, I have some ideas for the set and its potential colors. I hope plan to have my set be a table with a world map behind me, like what you see here:


I also plan to have a mix of navy blue, cardinal red, and dark grey colors on my set, as seen here.

3 thoughts on “Show Idea: The Andrew Johnson News Round Table

  • Danni Santana says:

    What I like about this idea is just not just the fact it’s basically a news show that fits into the journalism major, but also that it combines a news show and a sports show. It ties into the idea that a journalist should always be knowledgeable about even those topics they don’t care about much. Having four or five people behind a desk helps the show I believe because then you have many different personalities on the show. On an unrelated note, since I used PTI in my post I’m glad you did too. Love that show

  • Samson says:

    Your examples were great, but It sounds more like The Mclaughlin Group with a broader amount of topics to choose from. See http://www.mclaughlin.com/ Watch how John Mclaughlin controls the debates.

  • Yaisy_Mendoza says:

    Andrew, I love the fact that your want to inform people about what is happening around them based on breaking news or the most important stories of the day. I don’t think it is a bad idea to have a broader audience. I really like the set colors (but I suggest a round table).
    Also, I am wondering what time you want to broadcast your show . It sounds to me like you want a daiy show because your are going to talk “about the most important stories of the day.” I am asking because if you want to invite guests regarding the daily issues, it would take more production. You need to do research, fact-checking, calling potential guests (some people are camera shy) and I guess you will need a script or the questions that you are going to discuss. I am currently doing an internship (a political local news show), and my responsabilities are doing research, fact-checking , and finding experts.
    When you depend on people or guests, I don’t think it is a good idea to have a show the same day.

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