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Show Idea

My show idea comes “Sesame Street” with a more urban and realistic twist to it. It is a children’s show however, what makes this show unique is its realism and the fact that anybody can learn something new from it. It’s not the usual “ABC” lessons or how to make a friend, it’s really about real life situations like bullying, pursing one’s dream, race and nationality, integrity and things that the normal kids show won’t teach a child at a certain age.

This is a type of show that can be shown in schools from grades 1-5, so basically the age group would range from 6 to 11 years old. It’s also a show that adults can watch with their students or kids and be engaged with and excited about.

The show consist of a variety of characters that everyone within the age group mentioned previously can relate to. The main 5 characters are Alex, Jane, Brandon, Lucas, and Chris. Alex is a 12 year old girl who had a passion for hip hop and loves to rap and sing. She’s often told that females can’t be rappers and she should stick to singing, but she hates singing in public. Jane is her 10 year old sister who loves cooking and is trying to become the first famous 10 year old chef. Brandon, Alex’s best friend is 12 years old as well and wants to become a NBA player, his goal is to beat every ball player in his neighborhood and make his way up. Lucas is Brandon’s 7 year old brother who loves to create art and hopes to see one of his work in an art exhibit. Last but not least Chris is also Brandon and Alex’s best friend, who is also 12 years old. He loves history and hopes to become an inspiration speaker. These kids often face bullying, discouragement, criticism and failure but they never give up on their dreams.

Episode 1: Alex tries to find a beat to a song she wrote. Topic: Finding your creative side.

Episode 2: Jane wants to create a cooking show on the web. Topic: Internet information

Episode 3: Brandon loses his basketball uniform. Topic: Responsibility

Episode 4: Kids start a fundraising event by selling art work. Topic: Caring for others

Episode 5: Chris makes a documentary about his neighborhood. Topic: Knowing your roots.

The show title is “D.B.A Crew (Dream, Believe, Achieve)” and it will be a multi-camera.This shows demonstrates how to deal with negativity, relationships with friends and acquaintances, and how to deal with certain issues most kids might come across.

Here are two videos that may be a little similar to the “D.B.A CREW”



Imagine them singing about something more like bullying perhaps, rather then the letter “O”. The show will have a lot of urban like songs and dancing like sesame street.


Here are pictures of what the set would look similar too as well:

I went to Kuler.adobe.com and typed in Brooklyn and Harlem because those are possible places where the show would take place because of its rich history and I was inspired by the “Summerpal2” color arrangement, it kind of reminds me of summer time in Brooklyn back in the 90’s when I was a child. 

3 thoughts on “Show Idea

  • andrewjohnsonct240 says:

    I absolutely love the idea for your show. I think your show has the potential to be hard-hitting and informative. I love the fact that your show will tackle serious and important issues facing children today. i find the characters in your show to be potentially three dimensional and dynamic in nature. I can see this show being successful on television.

  • katbot8900 says:

    This show Idea is really cute and I could actually see myself watching it. I love the catch phrase D.B.A., and your set ideas are pretty classic as far as Sesame Street goes. I’d like to see more info and detail for each episode though.

  • Shanaa2013 says:

    This idea is good and presents social issues to children in a subtle way. The topics are realistic and relate to what is happening now such as the issue of bullying. I especially like the “female rapper” idea.

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