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I’ve always wanted to create a sketch comedy series. One that has a small but very divers cast doing all the skits. I’ve played with a few name is in my head but I haven’t been able to think of something uniquely catchy, I’m still working on it. The last name I came up with was “You Understand?” I know that initially some people may not get it but believe me when they watch one of my sketches they will. My TV show will be a multi-camera, live, audience based show and my target audience would most likely consist of males and females ages 22-40, living in an urban/city like environment, black and white English speaking nationals from various backgrounds. Here are five episode ideas that I have been playing around with.

  1. (Stereotypically speaking)- in this episode it’s winter time and you have a black man dressed up in typical urban street like gear and walking into a gas station in an small town neighborhood. He is wearing a ski mask because it is cold outside and forgets to take it off before he walks up to the cashier.
  2. (You understand?)- A Caucasian woman walks up to a man in Carnasi                    Brooklyn asking for directions. He starts talking her in a West Indian vernacular, repeating the statement “you understand” when he pauses at the end of e every statement.
  3. (Señorita Chow moves to Flushing)- A woman moves to an apartment in Flushing. Based on the look of the woman’s features, her landlord assumes that she is Asian and starts speaking to her in Chinese, only to later find out after struggling through a frustrating and confusing conversation that this Asian woman is Puerto Rican.
  4. (Stand up) a very popular and funny stand up comedian goes to a local club to    enjoy some the jokes of some up and coming comedians. The host sees him sitting in the crowd and calls him up n stage. He goes up and gives a few jokes but the crowd however doesn’t seem to be enjoying him. He is booed off the stage and the act that follows him seems rather dull and boring and almost asleep, but the crowd seems to be eating him up.
  5. (Destiny’s Child Reunion). After being off the scene for some time, Destiny’s child comes back for a reunion tour. The difference is, Kelly is hot, Beyonce is fat and Michelle is still clumsy.

My set would vary depending on the sketch scene that would be taking place. But for the most part, I would have a very large studio space. Big enough to accomodate three different skits. I would probably use a red color scheme. imgres-1 imgres set

Here are some videos of what my show would be like. It would probably be a mix between Mad TV, In living color, and Key and Peele

8 thoughts on “Sketch

  • andrewjohnsonct240 says:

    I cannot see the humor potential your show has in this pitch. In your first episode, you have a black man run up to a gas station with a mask on, which is something that has at times occurred violently in real life. You also bring up an episode where an audience attacks two bad comedians. Again. where is the humor? I am not trying to attack your show,.However, I need this show in action before I can tell whether it is good or bad.

  • Danni Santana says:

    I very much enjoy watching comedy sketch shows like SNL and I always watched Mad TV and In Liivng Color so the idea I like very much. There is humor in your episode ideas, but I just don’t like the set all that much. Red I agree should be included, but less of it. To be fair I see why u did choose these kind of sets because they do look like stages at a comedy club especially the second picture.

  • tthomas says:

    I would honestly enjoy this show. Sounds really funny. I like the first and last episode. I could already imagine how those two will end up. I think the set could use maybe one or two more colors, maybe a different type of red and something dark like navy blue. Otherwise, the show sounds great.

  • renaealisha says:

    This sounds like it could be interesting . It has potential. I do need to see it first in order to judge though because I can’t connect the comedy yet. I think it’s something that needs to be heard and seen first before I’ll be able to get it. The ideas are good but it needs to be put into action.

  • katbot8900 says:

    I like the idea of having a sketch show featuring people of color but your episodes play on a lot of obvious stereotypes that would keep me from watching the show. The first episode idea was pretty terrible in my opinion. I loved your ideas when we were talking in person, and Living Color is classic. If you go more toward that route then that could be really interesting.

  • Irum Malik says:

    I love the sketch show idea and the diversity of your show.

  • shakiradale says:

    Love the idea

  • shakiradale says:

    ….but I personally wouldn’t find the stereotyping parts of it funny…..everything else is cool though. I feel like you should go against the grain and be funny without using stereotypical jokes (unlike everyone else). But I think this sketch does have potential.

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