CT 240 Television Studio Production

TV Studio @ York College

Show idea! (Week 3)

The Tossed Family Salad

My idea is a comedy TV show— just like Modern Family— called The Tossed Family Salad. This comedy, depicts how the American society has been changing and how families are facing those changes regarding socio-cultural, economic and technological topics. The Tossed Family Salad will have a single camera setup with a running time around 22 […]

Show Idea: State Lines

In this reality/comedy two buddies, who have nothing better to do with their lives, travel the country, state-to-state, on a quest to find adventure, uncover cultural norms and expand their overall success- All the while devising unusual, yet elaborate ways to constantly challenge one another. Being a traveling reality show, wherever the camera crew follows […]

Show Idea: The Andrew Johnson News Round Table

My plan is to create a news discussion program, that I will call “The Andrew Johnson News Roundtable”. I like this idea because it fits into my major. I hope to have at least four guests at the table with me. I envision my show to be one that talks about the most important stories […]