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The Message

T.V show that I would like to do is called The Message and it will be open mic with a very small audience.  This show will be for people 12 years old and above.  Every episode of The Message is based on a style of poetry, so every episode is a new style. I would like to see a black backdrop with a spot light on the performer  with no audience around them just like in this video:  http://youtu.be/E6DFoVwZLB8 .


This example is also similar to last one but I like the fact that you can hear some of the audience’s response in this video, I think it adds some life to the performance, so that is something I would like to see: http://youtu.be/5AxQZlXFL_4?t=57s even though this shows the performer and the audience’s response but the focus is the performer only.

I am planning to have something like this:


Day one  – free style – (just to get people to introduce themselves and open up)

Day two – couplet

Day three – sonnet

Day four – Ballad

Day five – Haiku

I plan to have just a black backdrop, with one light directed towards the subject and just dark background.








5 thoughts on “The Message

  • renaealisha says:

    I would be extremely interested in this show because I like poetry. The audience may be limited however because not many people are interested in poetry to the extent that they want to watch a show about it . The age range is flexible though because people can be as young as 11 and as old as 100 and still enjoy poetry. I think it has potential but the ratings may not stay high long because poetry isn’t as popular as it once was.

  • shakiradale says:

    I too would definitely be interested in watching this because I loveeee listening to poetry and spoken word. Could anybody speak about anything they want though? I noticed you said it would be from people 12 and up but the mind of a 12 year old is different from that of a 24 year old so how would you handle more “adult” poetry with kids around and watching from home? All in all though, I think this would definitely be something to look out for.

  • creativenas says:

    This sounds like a good idea. I’m a big fan of poetry and open mic. so i definitely would enjoy this. i like that your guests are pretty young. reminds me of star search or america’s got talent. this could really work, america loves talent shows and if it’s done right, i see this show going on to be a really successful franchise. you didn’t put up a set, so it’s very hard to picture it without having my mind go to the regular ones that are on tv right now. my advice would be to come up with an original set though. one that is a little more inviting since your doing open mic. maybe something rustic or even a little bohemian. make it comfortable.

  • Shanaa2013 says:

    This is an interesting format your going for in terms of a poetry type show that appeals to pre-teens and teenagers. The adults would certainly get it. I have never seen a open mic poetry show for youth. This would be a creative opportunity for them and also educate them on what poetry is, the types of poems, etc. The backdrop should be something other then black since you want to appeal to the youth or you an adorn the black backdrop with bright colored props.

  • Samson says:

    I can understand how a lover of poetry would love this and definately watch it. But is it a seller? Do you see this getting popular on day or nightime TV? If so which channel?
    This will give you more ideas to add to your demographics.

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