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The Tossed Family Salad

My idea is a comedy TV show— just like Modern Family— called The Tossed Family Salad.

This comedy, depicts how the American society has been changing and how families are facing those changes regarding socio-cultural, economic and technological topics.
The Tossed Family Salad will have a single camera setup with a running time around 22 minutes.
This comedy is located in New York City and based on local issues. It will have three families. The characters have a multicultural background and their usually will talk directly into the camera. As we all know, New York City is the most multicultural diverse place in the United States. My audience is broader including middle class people with a different cultural background: Americans, Hispanics, Asian and African-Americans, and their ages range are from 18 to 49. My first six topics will be presented in mockumentary style.
Also, It will have three different sets: a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom. I will use fresh and dramatic colors like blue, green, yellow and Merlot red.

Episode 1. Gun Control: Presents a mother teaching her kids how to shoot and kill people (video games violence and how it desensitizes people)

Episode 2. Emergency-preparedness (to present how a city without an emergency-preparedness plan can hurt a community)

Episode 3. Homeless (in process)

Episode 4. Social Networks (Mother and son, just texting all the time, even when they are eating, however they use Skype and facebook to talk with a deployed American Soldier)

Episode 5. Abortion until 24 months (A pregnant teenager doesn’t want a baby.She realized that she can abort in NYC until 24 months, but she doesn’t have any excuse or serious health condition).

Episode 6. Wowen waiting longer to have kids (in process)


6 thoughts on “The Tossed Family Salad

  • Danni Santana says:

    The idea of creating a comedy show based on the ever changing American way of life is in a word, creative. The typical American family is no longer what it used to be as you obviously realized in coming up with the idea. It use to be the typical four person same race family, but now there are all types of families especially those with mixed parents. As far as the set I would not like to live in a house with so many different colors like that however, it to is creative and perfect for teevision. Overall, just a good show idea though I would like to know what the “homeless” episode is about.

  • Samson says:

    You wrote: “and their usually will talk directly into the camera.” I think that would take away from the “Modern family” look. You are looking for a classic sit-com look, but you’re willing to break the “fourth wall.” I would rethink having your characters looking into the camera.
    I agree with Danni that the colors may be a bit over the top.
    Otherwise I think you are onto something here! It’s a great idea and a bit more development and it’ll be good to go!

  • tthomas says:

    Sounds like a good idea. I would defiantly watch it, the first 6 episodes sounds real interesting and funny. I like the colors you choose for the set it’s really modern and I think it will work great with the show. The only thing that makes me curious is the show title.

  • katbot8900 says:

    This sounds like a show I’d actually be interested in watching-but you ought to reconsider the title. It’s got really unfortunate implications. I’m all about tv that’s geared toward portraying minority families accurately.

    If you’re doing comedy and talking about abortion though, I hope you have a really good way to approach the subject without turning it into a slapstick joke. It’s a really sensitive topic that really needs sensitive handling. The colors look pretty interesting. I love bright colors even though they may not all be tv friendly.

  • Irum Malik says:

    your ideas are great because it is something that we can easily connect to. I think if we narrow down to something specific and use some real statistics, we can come up with a great show.

  • cybernotes says:

    I like the idea of a show touching upon the current political drama that is happening in our country and how it is multicultural. The colors maybe a little much. If you had a set color scheme instead of having the rainbow-like (not meant to be mean) it wouldn’t be as confusing.

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