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Week 1 Assignment and Reading


February 5, 2012 by admin

Hey there Class.. I wanted to get the reading to you guys in case you were not able to get the book in time. Please follow the link below to download the PDF.

Download Link. Week 1 Reading

I also wanted to remind you of deliverables for week 2.

    1. You will need to turn in a completed film log for either “Exit Through The Gift Shop” or “Waltz With Bashir“. I was only planning to have you watch Exit Through The Gift Shop, but since we discussed Waltz With Bashir feel free to complete a film log for either film. One Film Log is DUE on Tuesday. You can find the link to Waltz With Bashir Here: NETFLIX MOVIE LINK. Please click the download link if the movie does not play in browser
    2. The “Mental Deliverable” for the week is bringing in ideas of what you would like to document this semester. Start thinking about a Person, a place, and a thing you feel needs a story to be told. We will be breaking into groups on Thursday to talk about these ideas and discuss their potential.


Please note that since I am hosting some films, reading and copyrighted materials, I have closed the site to non-members. You will need to sign in most times to view the site, links and downloads.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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