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Photo essay (Assignment 1) Project proposal.


February 13, 2012 by Andres

Mr. Sandoval discussing Stereotypes and racism during 'day of dialogue'Teacher/ Father Jorge Sandoval

Interviewing Mr. Sandoval

In life I believe the person you become is based on the teachings from motivational people in your surroundings.  We use these teachings in our everyday lives, it even leads to how we might raise our families or our interactions with our friends and loved ones.

My film will show this in action by exploring the life of Jorge Sandoval, a high school history teacher who uses his culture and roots to reach out to his students.  A proud Latino, who’s in touch with his roots, yet still seeks more and finds it by offering his lessons and views to his students. He enjoys the whole concept of history, but see’s it untouched in ways, and he hopes to explore it with his students.

My film’s main conflict is between the teacher-student relationships. What works best as an educator to make an impact on a student’s life? This is where the journey starts with my character. Taking a view of the educational system through the eyes of a Hispanic teacher who has a lot to say.

My film’s point of view, or its POV character, will be Jorge Sandoval. He is a history teacher at a high school located in Brooklyn who reaches out to his students through culture and discussions.

I expect my film’s structure to be determines by a very formal and proper story telling arc.  While the sound bites tell the narrative, the pictures themselves tell another story all together as well as giving us views of his life that aren’t covered in the interview. Basically, the pictures represent more than his words, they tell the story and more.

Ultimately I want the audience to feel enlightened. To see things in a whole other life and appreciate the few teachings life has offered them. And to understand that, life grants us many lessons, but we decide what to make of them and how we use them to form a better us.

My film will cover the atmosphere of a teacher and his students. It’s a relationship that is more intimate than people think; it’s all about levels of respect and growth. Issues about race, class, backgrounds play an issue into molding a class, making a strong classroom structure.

Being a father plays a role into how he approaches his students as well as being an educator to his son. The relationship he has with his son has made him a stronger educator, a wiser man, and a better friend to his students. His son is a part of his job as much as his students.  It’s all about having a trustful relationship. He sees his students as the future, and part of a revolution.  A change, which he feels, our society needs in order to wake up.

I will incorporate shots from his work field; the interaction he carries with his students, as well as his life at home as a family man and a father. The two are very much connected to one another and helps his growth as a teacher and a father.

He has come a long way since graduating from college, and I hope to explore that and show the audience how his interest in being a leader and speaker kept growing and growing.  I want to use pictures with warm colors, to convey the comfort and laid back persona of my character and his home. His life is heavily influenced by the relationship he has with his family, and he demonstrates this level of trust and love with his students who he sees also a part of his family and a big part of the future.


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