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Photo Essay (Project Propasal # 1)


February 13, 2012 by JHomnaut

In life I believe that we all have dreams and goals, which we set out to achieve with great determination and perseverance. My film will show in this action by exploring a young girls dream to become a singer. My film’s main conflict is between this young girl and her path that she is taking to exercise her vocals in hopes of making it big. I will tell the story for the point of view of the girl. In this documentary there will be only one main character. Her name is Vinita Singh. I want the audience to feel the passion that she feels when she talks about her passion for singing.


Vinita is a high school student perusing her singing career performing at various Mandir’s and both private and public events. She has recently begun exploring her talent approximately 2 to 3 years now. She is an American born Hindu to fairly religious Guyanese parents living Queens, New York. A few years ago she entered in a New York based Indian Arrival Day talent competition, and brought first in the female singing division. I would also like for her to talk about any other achievements she has achieved so far in her singing career. Also she has sing along with other well know talents within her community. I would like for her to explain the effects the other talents has had in her life/career.


I plan on showing the pictures from the beginning when she first started performing to her current point in life. I want to for her to share both her good and bad experiences that she has had so far. To make it big isn’t always easy. There will always be someone trying to hold you back, like wise there are always people supporting you. I want for her to describe her own personal experiences to encourage others with various talents not to give up.


My motivation for this film is to promote the youths within the West Indian community (predominately Hindu Guyanese and Trinidadian).  This film will serve many purposes aside from a class project. It will be used to promote this aspiring young talent. It will be used to encourage more youth to harness their talents and push them to their limits in efforts to learning and preserving their culture for many generations to come. I personally am an advocate of maintaining and carrying on the culture of my ancestors. After all our culture defines us as whom we are.


Since this will be about a musically talent person, I feel it will be appropriate if the music being used in it would be from the main character. Also because I have known the main character for some time now, and have been promoting her work, I have access to archive footage. I intend to use these performances as b-roll footage. Hopefully there will be a few performances in the time it takes to make this documentary, I will record both the performance and audience response to her talents.


My intended audience is mainly focused on West Indian youths ranging from 5 – 25 years of age, but the message intended on sharing will apply to youths of different backgrounds as well. I will treat the audience as if they do not know anything on the topic at hand and will try to be detailed in explanation.


To end the film, I want to probably have they talent make reference to an excerpt from her holy scriptures which she has held importance to her. It will be something that she relates to when she has hard times in life. It intend on making it like a last thought of encouragement.





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