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Project 1 Proposal


February 13, 2012 by dwaynedp

In life the joys of a person’s addiction is something that normally would be frowned upon by friends, family and the general masses. But this is an addiction that friends and family could not even begin to grasp. The addiction and love towards pizza. I want to show that people can take a love for something to new levels and explain where this love is derived from. But this addiction is none the less a harmless and extreme liking of pizza.

In this film I will portray the life and mindset of a person who loves pizza. This will be shown through many engagements to local pizzerias. I will also should how costly this addiction to pizza is, if it’s not consumed moderately.  My main conflict that will arise is that people believe that liking pizza to this extent is a bad health decision and I want to show people how wrong they are. I will express this by briefly explaining the health benefits of pizza and vouch for its capability to full your stomach on a budget.

My film’s point of view character will be Rafael Martin an average college student that is aspiring to be a tattoo artist.

I expect my film structure to be determined by a narrative sense, meaning the voice of the film will be describing different scenarios. In which, the pictures will help the story flow on easily, so the audience can follow the story easily without confusion. The pictures will emphasize on what the speaker is saying and talking about at that particular moment of the film. I feel this would make the flow a lot better and help the audience visualize the film as an actual video instead of cuts between pictures.

The subject and point of view suggest a style that is subtle. This by no means intended to be a serious film. So I feel the style should represent that sort of attitude.  Ultimately I want the audience to feel like buying a slice of pizza after they watch this film. Also to understand how great pizza is as a whole.

The film will cover a student’s craving for food that is affordable to any average college student’s income. It will show the different ways a person can enjoy pizza and also show that there are different levels of pizza to enjoy. I want to show the audience that a plain slice of pizza is not the only way to go.

I want to portray shots of my character in different locations, such as: Dominos and Pizza Hut. I also want to incorporate shots that show the genuine fun that comes with eating pizza. This may come about at various locations. (Home, School, Park, Restaurant, etc…)

The person that will be the focus “Rafael” will be the joyous person in the film. He will be the person that everyone can’t help but laugh around and in a good way. He contributes comedic relief in the film, in that notion meaning, once his face comes into play. The audience will most likely laugh. His character is basically a joker.

My motivation for making this film is basically because I love pizza too.  I can honestly say that I can eat pizza for the rest of my days and have no problem with it. To me pizza is absolutely the perfect food and I embrace the fact that I believe that. So without a doubt I would love to share the pizza experience with other people and show them how great my favorite food is. That my main focus of this film and why I decided to choose this topic.


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