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Assignment two


February 14, 2012 by kcollins

In life I believe that there are people, who are either self motivated, eventually find motivation in something (near death experience, birth of a child, new enjoyable hobby) or those that never find it at all. My firm will show this in action by exploring the world of fitness and the relationship between the fit people that are paid to help others improve themselves. My films main conflict is between the self motivated and the factors that would discourage their drive. My films point of view will be told from the perspective of a personal trainer, Kareem Collins. I expect my films structure to be determined by the answers given by the POV character. The subject and point of view suggest a style that could be considered a confession or journal. Ultimately I want the audience to feel as inspired or empowered, and to understand that they get past the detractions and do what they set out to do.

My subject is Kareem Collins, a person trainer who wakes up before the sun is up and whose day is done after the sun sets. Days off are uncommon unless a client calls it, but still there is the possibility of a class he teaches being on the same day. Excuses like, it’s raining or snowing outside I don’t want to work today, don’t exist because there are people depending on him. Although this would be stressful to many he finds it enjoyable because he loves what he does not’t let the elements or the people that don’t take their health serious to affect his resolve.

Im lookin to include a sequence that illustrates the start of his day as he wakes up at about 2-3a.m. o’clock when everyone else is asleep and  then his departure from home as travels to the city. It will shows the audience his commitment to what he does, people usually think that waking up early means 5-6a.m. but he one ups the norm. This would be one of the factors (conflicts) that are dealt with on a regular basis that are difficult for a lot of people, even himself. It wouldn’t be a metaphor but a strait forward illustration of him explaining the start of his day. The event would be structured around his explanation of the particular moment (wakes up, looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, has breakfast, leaves the house). It would be possible to show this sequence at both the beginning and end of the film to show the restless workload he has (as soon as the day ends it seems to start again).

My subjects role in the film would be that of the self motivated individual who is trying to motivate others to reach their own goals.

This film will compliment the individuals that seek to improve themselves physically and or mentally. This social significance of this is the same as all the GNC’s, Vitamin Shoppe’s, gym’s, and weight watcher programs. Your health is important, and you should only be encouraged to be healthy. People should care to watch this film because it is not just about working out to look good, although that is all the motivation some need, but the will power it takes to get up and get health so you do look good, or to reach any goal one might have.

I have always been interested in ways to improve my own health whether it was by exercise or supplementing, researching and reading up on a lot of things that many saw as random. But I have also always admired people that were focused, able to get into a zone and not be sidetracked seemingly by anything and I feel as though Kareem demonstrated this on many occasions.

My intended audience would be those that need a boost, or example to follow. People with jobs that put them in the position to help someone directly but been discourage their hours or dislike for people they work with. I assume positive audience prejudices will be encouraging and negative one will be helpful. Countervailing facts that my audience needs to experience are the subject’s negative feels about his job and how he overcomes them.

  • Kareem Collins.
  • 30 years old.
  • Sex: male.
  • Personal trainer/ class instructor
  • Plays the motivational component
  • Seek to establish: his views on people he trains, people that wont train, negative and positive sides of his profession, time put in, what makes him keep going, and what he hopes to gain.

The documentary film style will be digital storytelling, with possible animation of the stills. The point of view will be in first and third-person of the subject. Narration will be done by the subject as well.

The films tone will get progressively more positive as it moves along getting negative feelings out first and then exploring the positive into the end.


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