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Photo Essay Proposal -Terrance


February 14, 2012 by Terrance






In life, we all have dreams and goals that we set out to achieve with great determination. My film will showcase this attitude by exploring the actions of a young man going to work as a barber in New York City trying to achieve success in the real world. My Film’s main conflict is between this young man and the path he is taking to survive, and provide for his loved ones. I will tell the story from the point of view of the main character, in this case, which is the barber.

“Fish” is a barber, who started to cut hair approximately fifteen years ago, it all started for him as hobby, which turned into a career years later. He is an African American civilian, with 2 kids (a little boy of five years, and a little girl of eight years) residing in Queens, New York. He is really passionate with his kids, you could tell he really loves the a lot. One of his other hobbies is music, which I would also like for him to talk about, or any other hobby or achievements he has accomplished in his career. I also would like for him to explain in depth what techniques he has picked up from other barbers in his earlier journey.

I plan on showing the pictures as a regular day for him going to work, and all the obstacles he may come across, or the good things that may occur in his path. I want for him to describe what has he overcome, as well as whom can he rely on for support. I want for him to describe in depth how he stumble on becoming a barber, as well as his own personal experiences to inspire other upcoming barbers.

My motivation for my film is to raise awareness to the youth about following their dreams and pursuing a career they’re passionate about. My film will serve many purposes aside from a project in this class, it will be used to encourage up and coming barbers, as well as pushing people in general to pursue their dreams, and reach for the stars.

Since this film would focus on an artistic individual, I would like to incorporate an artsy type of music to match the emotions and feeling through out the character’s main story. I intend to express as much as a photograph can reveal, Hopefully I could piece it together on the first try, but if not I would go out on the field again, and follow my character again and again, and try to capture the emotion this character is trying to express through out these photographs.

The audience am trying to reach and target would mainly be urban America between the ages of 10-30, but the message can reach other middle class people younger, or older.

In the closure of the film, I would probably ask the character a final question. for example: If he was to choose his destiny all over again, would he choose another caresser or profession or would he still go for what he’s so passionate about and enjoy doing.


1) State your name?
My name is Malik Robinson, also known as “Skinny Slim-Palla”, I,m skinny, I’m slim, and I just keep it bouncing like an impala.

2) What’s’ your occupation?
I’m a professional Barber.

3) Did you go to school for this profession?
Nah I didn’t go to school for this, this is something that I picked up from somebody real close to me, like a brother, he was my role model, so whatever he did, I kinda followed.

4) Did you plan this profession all your life?
I never imagined becoming a barber, I imagined becoming a musician.

5) What encouraged you to choose this line of work?
I like people looking good, after they come in looking raggedy, that’s how I looked at it, I like making people look nice, and that’s just my motto

6) What were some obstacles in the beginning?
In the beginning it was difficult cutting, because you got to make sure, you know you just got to keep practicing for perfection.

7) Was difficult cutting?
In the beginning it was difficult cutting, because you know hair is something funny, once you cut it off, you have to wait two, three weeks for the hair to grow back, so you know you have to be cautious and practice.

8) How do you resolve the situation if a mistake happens?
If a mistake happens, I kind of talk to them, ease them, and convincing them, that its just hair, and it will grow back in a certain time period and you could make up for that mistake and put it back to perfection how they want it.

9) What would you say separates you from other barbers??
My passion, and love for doing hair.

10) What don’t you like about your profession?
The only thing I don’t like about this game, its too many barbers, its just like the hustling game, too many on each corner.

11) Does word of mouth contribute to your success or maybe lack of.
You have to promote your business, weather is vocally, physically, or pictorially, you have to promote your business and the more you talking about it, the more people become aware, and would want to see what its about

12) Do you deal with attitudes or personalities?
The customers are always right, even though they’re wrong at times.

13) What have you learned from being a barber?
Its not just hair cutting, its an art, a form of expression, it travels, you get around the right people, and people your place of business in the right spot, you would definitely make a successful business out of it.

14) How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as that dude right there, that person that made a difference in life.


This movies was quite entertaining, the comedy was on point, and even though it was in Spanish I would say the plot, and its direction of this movie was very well executed, and not to mention the cinematography, and the camera angles were very professional for a independent Caribbean film from the Dominican Republic.
In this hit musical comedy from the Dominican Republic, the main character is a charming, and broke individual who tries to land a visa to the United States or Europe by seducing and sweet talking a series of beautiful tourists visiting the Caribbean nation. But he came so close in one episode, where he could taste leaving his country with a visa, but his potential victim went back to her ex at the last minute, and that mission was over then. The director of this film used many unique camera angles, and many dolly shots, as well as quality cinematography lighting for the night shots.
In conclusion, I would recommend people to watch, or buy this movie. This movie is about what people would do to get out of their country thinking that by coming here they’re going to have a better life. But they’re wrong there is nothing better than the families and friends that you have around you than being here in this country were is cold and bitter. The good thing about this movie is that it’ll teach you what you have in your country, but in a funny way. You will laugh you heart out if you watch this movie.

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  1. sdyer says:

    I am looking forward to seeing this. Every time I go to the barber I wonder how they got into that profession. What is it about cutting hair that encourages people to choose this line of work? In my neighborhood new there are a few shops that have lasted through the years. But a lot of them spring up and close after a few years. So I wonder what the pay is like, and how word of mouth can contribute to your success or lack of success. How do you separate yourself from other barbers? Does he have to do work on the side to bring in extra money? Does he know of any really successful barbers? And if so, what have they done differently than most barbers.

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