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Photo Essay Proposal


February 14, 2012 by Alfred_Parsard_The_Truth

David doing what he loves to do the most.

As human beings, it is natural for us to have hobbies. Some of the simple things we do and maybe sometime take for granted, others take very seriously. In life we have all played some time of video game at one point or another. But what happens when something as simple as a video game starts out as a general hobby, but then turns into a time consuming obsession? A lot of people (especially those of past generations) look down upon people who are considered “couch potatoes”, and those who play video games with most of their time have an even worse stigma attached to them. Especially when the avid video game player is only 16 years old and in high school.

David's Xbox 360, with games stacked on top.

With the focus of my project, I want to showcase the life of an avid video game player. From sun up to sun down, my subject (and younger brother) David Parsard does nothing but play video games when he is not in school. Whether it’s a PC MMO, or an RPG on Xbox Live, David has basically played them all. He is a gamer in every aspect of the word, going so far as to play even the most obscure titles that most people (even those who work at retail outlets that sell video games) did not know existed. As a gamer myself (although not to that extent) and a young person in general, I have always heard that video games are a bad influence. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty are said to have negative influences on the behavior of the player and that they are detrimental to the well being of the youth. It is also (albeit falsely in my opinion) that video games are terrible for the player’s social life.

The fight stick David uses to play fighting games such as Tekken and Street Fighter IV

The objective of my project is to show that despite being an avid video game player, and while taking up most of his time with video games, David is a normal person with a healthy social life and over achiever at school. The negative stigma attached to avid video game players has always puzzled me as not everyone that is a gamer is “obsessed”. I do believe it is possible to juggle a normal life with that of the fantasy world of video games.

My hypothesis is that you can have success in both the real world and in the virtual world of video games. I believe in life that having a level head and with using common sense, one can balance fun with work. In my project, I will explore how one who games constantly still manages to succeed, despite people looking down on him, thinking of him as a “slacker”, simply because he sits in one spot with a controller in his hand all day when he is not in school. By studying David, and observing his life, and seeing examples of his school work and grades, I honestly I believe he is an example of someone that can prove past generations and the people who conduct these studies¬†wrong.

A screen shot of one of David's favorite Xbox game, The Record of Agarest Zero

I plan to spend about two to three days in his room, during the course of one weekend (Friday through Sunday) to figure out if he really does match the stereotype that mostly is attached to gamers. I plan to do this by capturing him on Xbox live, associating with his buddies as they venture through Resistance, in a game of team deathmatch on Modern Warfare 3. I’ll also be looking out, to see if he takes a break, and if he does, I will document the reasons for and durations of his breaks. My target audience will b young video game players ages 13-21 as well as parents with children in those age ranges to possibly show them that they are wrong. I want my audience to understand the point I am trying to prove at the end. I will basically just be shooting as the film will be guided by David’s actions and words. I want him to do all the talking since he is the one that can prove the critics and naysayers wrong.

Just another small portion of David's huge library of video games.


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