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“I am a big awkward snowball” (JRB)


February 17, 2012 by joonmarie

CLICK on the photos for direct link about unique-animal-lover-introverted-hypochondriac¬†Danielle Parker ^-^ I uploaded it on Flickr so it’s not all cluttered here ūüėõ I have more than 70 pictures, a lot on Flickr, and a lot more that’s not uploaded.

PRESS for pix of Danielle's Room


Press for pix of Danielle's Childhood

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Press for pix of Danielle being Danielle

A woman of few words, Danielle may come off as ‚Äúintroverted‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúindifferent‚ÄĚ in the eyes of our small town, but what she lacks in the ability for smooth small talk, she makes up for with genuine conversations, a quirky sense of¬†humor, and unconditional love.

The photo-essay will begin with Danielle discussing a psychological test she took, called the Myer Briggs Test (which labels her an an introvert.) It will then lead to her discussing her childhood and how unaware she was about her parents marital issues.¬†Feeling misunderstood and unable to relate to the “cliques” that formed in middle school, her social awkwardness made her resent the world– which only¬†worsen during the scary alienation of high school. She found herself¬†experiencing¬†hypochondria and anxiety attacks, which made her feel overwhelmed at work as she hadn’t the ability ¬†to relate to co-workers.

Unable to maintain lasting connections with people, she gave up on the notion of relationships, and was facing a world of solitude, when she learned to love again after rescuing a stray cat from work. Gracie she called her, along with her dog Lady and bear never judge or made her feel inadequate. During a semester in college,  her love for film/photography and animals blossomed, and gave her a way to preserve what she appreciates and to express herself.

Spending many hours online, it was only a matter of time when she met a guy in a chatroom that shares the same love for animals and her quirky sense of humor. Two and a half years later, they are now planning for the future.

Bonding over their love for her cat Gracie, Danielle is slowly learning to love herself and love others. She realized (during our interview) how much she missed out on living, during all the years she spent resenting the world when she was younger. Now a days, Danielle ¬†spends many hours at work–even enjoying the company of her¬†colleagues. In the near future, it is her hope to save enough money “to get out of this shit hole” and be with the love of her life.


The interview went very well…I got so much details that i’m having a good problem of figuring out how much is too much and what to omit. I also thought…when she’s talking about her anxiety disorder…I can evoke a sense of dread and overwhelmingness by cross-fading or over lapping the audio to¬†emphasize¬†stress. I was planning on comin’ in today to edit the audio and organize photos, but no matter how i ignored my stuff nose yesterday, I woke up sick this morning. But I finished my transcription, as well as organizing my soundbites. so all in all…sick time spent wisely :)

I’m going to have to make a “Class version” separate from a “Full Length version.”

Long version:

1)    awkward snowball

2)    blurry childhood

3)    no kiss, middle school, high school

4)    animals: lady, bear

5)    photography, college

6)    anti-anxiety pills

7)    work, work cats

8)    gracie

9)    gracie’s bath, hypochondria

10)  Long distance relationship

11)  friendship now

12)  content/happy now

Class version: 

1)      awkward snowball

2)      no kiss middle school, high school

3)      animals

4)      work, work cat gracie

5)      gracie’s bath

6)      content/happy now


  1. kevfandino says:

    hey jooni,
    I like the story and the problems you have. It is always better to have too much to work with then not to have enough.
    And if you can invoke a scenes of dread and an overwhelming feeling do it. As a viewer I love feeling something planned, something premeditated by the director. Who can’t relate to being socially awkward?

  2. joonmarie says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful review.

    I’m most likely going to have to cut this in half(if not more) –there was just so much going on if I were to tell it all it would be close to 10 mins.

  3. 123aqualight says:

    Wow, i can relate to her! lol but it seems as thought you got all this cover! and this sounds like a strong piece.

  4. Andres says:

    The story has a sweet quirky feel to it, and thats so awesome! I mean, you definitely have so many layers to this person, she seems like she has a hell of a story to tell. I’m curious as to how you will handle such a voice of this person, but given from what i see you are very sure of the story you are hoping to tell

  5. PhilippeChery says:

    Sounds like this can be a modern day love story. I feel like depending on the direction you choose in the editing process this story can go all types of ways. I love the pictures and she seems like a very nice person.

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