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Week 3 Reading, Assignment, and Post


February 17, 2012 by admin

As we continue with Shooting Assignment #1, please keep in mind that the reading is meant to augment the weeks assignment. The reading will help you focus your ideas and push your understanding of what exactly you are as a filmmaker. Prepare to be tested on the reading on February 28th. You will be tested on all of the reading so far.

Reading for this week: Rabiger 101-142

Film to watch this week (Available on Nexflix streaming): Heavy Metal in Bagdad. Y&  Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance (It is also available on Netflix). Logs for BOTH films will be due in-class on February 28th.

Also please make a note of the TWO assignments that will be due next week (Online only, there is no class on the 21st).

Assignment #1:

DUE February 20th @ 11:59pm: Selected images posted to the website with an 200 word synopsis of the story that you are going to tell with these images. You’ll need to narrow down your full project proposal to under a page. Also include any “other Images” that you may need to tell your story. Please make these images small as to not bog down the class server (less than 500 pixles wide). You will also need to email me a full transcription (in .doc form) of your interview with time-codes by February 20th @ 11:59pm. Emails are to be sent to dphelps (at)

Assignment #2:

This week we will not have class, but you will be expected to comment and critique everyone’s images and story structure. You will have TWO days to complete this tasks. Final critiques are due by February 22th @ 11:59pm. The goal of the feedback is to tackle any problems with your story or critiques of understanding. You will be required to reply to every student post with a critique of their work. Some ideas to think about when critiquing others work:

      • What do you see?
      • What else do you see?
      • Why?
      • What is the most original or creative thing you see?
      • How would you guess it happened or how would you explain that?
      • What do you think it means?
      • How does it make you feel?
      • What open question does the work suggest to you? (state it in positive or neutral terms – no negatives)
      • What do you wonder about? (state it in positive or neutral terms – no negatives)

Please use the abstracts above as a jumping off point for the replies.

Next week, by Wednesday the 22nd, I will post the final submission instructions for this assignment. As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck


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