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Level Up (Synopsis)


February 20, 2012 by Alfred_Parsard_The_Truth

David's busy fingers in action during a round of King of Fighters

The name of my photo essay will be Level Up. It is about avid video gamer David Parsard, who plays video games to take up a lot of his free time. I chose to name the photo essay Level Up because throughout the course of the interview with him, he touched on his opinions of the negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with people play video games, as well as the various reasons why he plays video games, and the social and academic impact that video games have placed upon him. He also talks about how he sees himself as opposed to how others see him. I also named it level up because it is a phrase commonly associated with video games. I will post several photos necessary to the photo essay.

Gearing up for another match


More of David's large assortment of games, held in the bookshelf dubbed as "The Cabinet"

David has defeated his opponent in a match of Blaz Blue

David's main source of socializing, the Xbox Live Party2


  1. joonmarie says:

    Interesting. I often wondered how avid gamers find solace in virtual reality than in “real-life”–aside from the obvious that “real-life” may be harder or less interesting. Good luck.

  2. 123aqualight says:

    This story would connect to many gamers out there. and it would be interesting on how you would bring this story out to life using the pictures.

  3. wlee4 says:

    as a gamer I love how your explore our world of gaming this in that sense but from other persepctive just make sure they clearly see what you want to show them

  4. leearia says:

    I like the duel meaning of the name of this piece. How will you let the pictures depict this “leveling up” or enlightenment. Will you have pictures other than the ones of him in his room. Will we see any other people and how your David relates to them?

  5. redrumrebel says:

    The title is very clever at a double meaning that he is actually leveling up in the game and in life. The one problem is I don’t see how you will show in the photos how it’s helping him academically or in life it self.

  6. Andres says:

    This story is very tricky to tell, but there is definitely something there. Remember, anyone could tell a story of a hobby, but there needs to be a significance behind it. You said he addresses stigmas of gamers that society has, ok but what else can you tell? Benefits, down sizes, what can a story of a gamer really tell, either about the plus or negatives? or are you focusing on an escape, an escape that has become a new reality.. think about it

  7. kcollins says:

    i like the idea and the title fits the gamer life style well. Although he is telling his story, will it be shown in a way that might show he could possibly be in denial disagreeing with the way others view gamers? will you cover age limits of gamers (are you ever too old to be holding a controller).

  8. PhilippeChery says:

    Will the viewer also be leveling up as the story unfolds? I like the approach you’ve taken and how you’re trying to get deeper with what people consider a gamer. The stereotypes of gamers are not too accurate and your project seems as if it will be able to point those out.

  9. sdyer says:

    I am interested in seeing what you will do with this. While I was never a “gamer” there was a time during my first two years in college when I played video games way to much. It turned out to have a negative impact on my academics. I want to hear how he strikes that balance. So the interview with be very interesting. I am wondering how animated he gets while he plays. Does he get really crazy when he loses or does he take it in stride? How does his family feel about him spending so much time playing video games?

  10. uchenna.nwaogu says:

    this seems like itll be cool. does he talk about what his favorite games are and why? how does he feel as he plays?

  11. kevfandino says:

    The story of a gamer, something you don’t hear about a lot. Does he talk about how often he plays or the duration of his gaming sessions?

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