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Yes I rap


February 23, 2012 by uchenna.nwaogu

In this piece (tentatively entitled yes I rap), we will get a look into life of an up and coming artist in the world of underground and intelligent rap. We will look into the life of recent graduate, Bency Pierre also known as Ursa Major. We will explore what drives him to rap, what he loves about it, and where his raps come from. The piece will show his where he started off when he started rapping,where he is now in terms of the way he has grown as an artist and ultimately where he sees his rap leading him in the future. He talks about how people perceive him as a rapper and the main message of his raps are. He speaks about where he feels the rap game is now and how he would fit in and what it would mean to the people that listen to it. He also speaks about what goes into making a rap. He speaks briefly on how his religion factors into his career, him being a devout Jehovah’s Witness. He will talk about who he tends to do collaborations with.   Not all of this may be included to allot for time.

link to pictures below. had to sendspace


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