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March 12, 2012 by JHomnaut

A place that I would like to talk about is a place of my personal interest, Guyana. It’s not a very small place but yet it is very small. It is only 82,000 square miles with a population under 725,000 people as of 2001.  I was born in Guyana but raised in the United States. My parents have left Guyana to live a “better life” as they say. I have traveled there may times in the past few years and every time I go, I do not want to come back. Through this video, I would like to show another side of Guyana, the way I personally see Guyana from my travels.


I agree, there is a great amount of poverty and corruption in the government, but where in this world can a person go and not find that. Guyana is third world country that is slowly developing. Although it is located in South America, it us still considered to be a Caribbean nation. The climate is very hot as the country sits on the earth’s equator.


A great part of the country’s population is located in the capital, Georgetown. Amerindian people originally inhabited the country. The Africans and Indians were brought to work the sugar and rice plantations after the Europeans took over the country. There are many landmarks in Guyana that I have never know of that tells the history of Guyana.


There are three counties that make up Guyana, Berbice, Essequibo, and Demerara.  I’m from Berbice, where there is a great amount of cane and rice field. One day I hope to move back there and pass on the knowledge that I have acquired in my life so far and pass it on. I’ve been looking in various schools and have even though about possibly trying to start a separate one.


Although the country it self isn’t technologically advanced, they have other ways of getting the job done. There are those that use big trucks to transports goods, while others use donkeys and trailers.  There are homes that don’t have electricity run directly to them, but the people living in them have flat screen TV’s and stereo systems. It is strange to know some of the people out there never had a house phone but they have several cell phones. Its like the skipped a whole technology era.

The people that I have meet out there. Their monthly income is probably 6 or maybe 700 US dollars if they are lucky.  Most people struggle to make half of that amount. No matter what they have, they make dues with what they have and still share with others.


I basically will show in my video that although my area of Guyana is not very rich with money and technology, people still live and enjoy their lives. They consume fresh fruits, meats, vegetable’ and have various types of fresh juices (coconut, cane, pine, etc.)


  1. admin says:

    OK.. So you’re going there in the next 2 weeks? I don’t recommend recycling/combining other projects to fulfill this one. It did not work well on your first project, and it will definitely take away from this project if you just document a whole island. I can’t approve this project as you propose it. It’s too vague.

    You need to narrow down your place. is there a specific area or spot that tells a personal story for you? Think about looking at a town center or hall that hosts events.. Happiness, perseverance.. what are some adjectives that describe your place?

    With that said… I was hoping to read a creative story of your place. Please take a look at the project instructions and re-submit. This post was meant to be a creative description and story that would outline the emotion of your location.. not just a project proposal:

  2. JHomnaut says:

    No I dont plan on going there in the next weeks. I recently came back at the beginning of the semester. Every time I travel out there I always video random events that are taking place and places I travel. Its not recycled footage. Most of the things I have videoed, I have never really looked back at as yet.

    There is a specific place in that attracted my attention the last time I went. It was the local market. The way the market runs is different form what i’m accustomed to here in the states. People trace from near and far to meet up the only market for miles to buy and sell goods. All types of foods from fish and meat to pastries and fresh fruits and vegetables are available. It is also like a mall, clothing and accessories to all types of electronics.

    This place interest me for several reasons. The fish market has to be the most entertaining part if the market. Once a person steps food in that part, the sellers fight with each other to try to sell you their fish. The clothing selection offers various items from the states and China. Like the food courts in malls here in the states, this market has various stalls that sell food as well.

    This market is biggest market in this area on town. It is heavily traffic by shoppers and tourist. In a town that doesn’t have much to offer, this market is the center of commerce. It is not only a place of trade but a place to socialize. One can meet new people and even start new relations here.

    This place is special to me because it is where I first saw and meet my wife to be. From just walking around hanging out, I was fortunate to meet the person I would eventually get married too.

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