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Day and Night


March 12, 2012 by dwaynedp

Times Square is a major tourist attraction that is located in New York City. It is a widely known place throughout the world and at some point everyone wants to go here and see what exactly all the hype is. Me living in queens New York all my life, I never really got too hyped about Times Square. I actually just saw it as another place but that mindset was mainly due to the fact that I only been there during daylight and to top things off, most of the time it was for business, not pleasure.  So I can honestly say that I did not take in my surroundings to much and to my eye, Times Square seemed like every other part of Manhattan and that was overcrowded…overcrowded and overcrowded. This environment did not appeal me at all and I rather just skip the overly hyped Times Square all together.

With this being said, living in New York City each individual will always have this occurrence happen to them no matter who they are. This major occurrence is of course family and being an individual that lives in New York City, you will without a doubt have family members visit you just because of your location. The world sees New York City as a major point of interest and people tend to feel at ease with themselves, once they have the bragging rights of visiting New York City. So with family added into the picture me being a current resident of New York City, I had to show my family a good time out as the visit.  This lead me to asking bluntly where they wanted to go and the no brainer answer was “Times Square”.  Since the family had just got in that morning, I decided it would be a better idea, to head out at about 7 o’clock. That would give them some to get rested and be energetic for their first time into the city.

The time came about and we left the house. We drove to the city, so the ride was pretty quick and on our way there, we laughed and joked on each other. At this point I wasn’t feeling the way I normally would when I go to the city. Normally I would dread the fact that I had to go to Manhattan, but I quickly realized that there were two things different about this situation.  The first thing was that I was not heading to Manhattan during prime hours like I normally would and secondly, I was not headed there for business reasons. So I was not on a schedule to keep and I was able to go about at my own pace. Soon after this realization, we had reached our destination at Times square and to be honest I was shocked. This place gave such a major impression it left me speechless for a moment.  The city lights were so vivid in the night sky that it was amazing. The look of Times Square during the day is in no comparison to the night Times Square. The night lights brought about a major appeal to everything around you and you would think that these lights would get overwhelming but the opposite happens, you actually get consumed by your surroundings in a good sense. Let say this much, everything that I hated about Times Square in the daylight was still present but the scenery distracted me to a point that I did not care and neither did I care about the overcrowded streets. I was just enjoying myself as I looked around.

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  1. admin says:

    Great creative essay. But I have one question.. Is your place all of New York? Or is it just time square.. Or is it the path from your house to times square (cool!) You really need to think about what is the heart of your story when referring to your place.

    What emotions are envolved with times square? Try thinking of 20 emotions or adjectives for this place.

    Also.. Your subject is VERY visual. Can you think of any visual characteristics of Time Square that aren’t stereotypical (ie lights people, cabs)? I’m more interested in the unseen.. Everyone knows what TS looks like..

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