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House Unrest


March 12, 2012 by 123aqualight

The place that I want to do is about my house, I live in a semi- quiet area, and family oriented neighborhood. The house, when viewed on the street is sort of cute and homey. This was a place to be relaxed and enjoy the wide space that a home provides with. But not really for me… Ever since I moved into the house, which was 11 years ago, I have been witnessing a few strange things going on in the house. For instance, a few years ago, when I first moved in, I would hear a knock on my door, twice, when I feel asleep while doing my homework, and when I check, no one was there. Since my family have moved here, I normally spent my afternoons and early evening alone, so I would stay in my room locked up, when I heard my dog barking aggressively in the dinning room, when I check, nothing was there. There has been other situation that happened, but not only did I witness these things but also my mom. She would find her party savers on the floor at times. And when they do, someone that she knows has passed away. Also, this happened recently when my mother and I heard some creaking noise on the staircase, while I was resting my foot in bed and my mother was watching her spanish shows.


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  1. admin says:

    Hmmm.. I was hoping to read a creative story of your place. Please take a look at the project instructions and re-submit. This post was meant to be a creative description and story that would outline the emotion of your location.. not just a project proposal:

    With that said.. I guess I understand that you are trying to tell the story of a scary household. But where does the fear come from? Just the creaky floors? Or is it more than that?

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