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The ludus


March 12, 2012 by kcollins

As far as sports are concerned, I am a fan.  I am not be mistaken for the person that memorizes every stat of their favorite team or athlete, nor am I the person that show up to an event shirtless with my face painted, but still a fan I remain. My enthusiasm is shared among few of the wide variety of sports, but none so much as the combat genre. Due to this my project will be based in a boxing gym. I have the utmost respect for these modern day gladiators, both for their dedication to training, strategizing for an upcoming or any opponent, and technical prowess in the ring. You truly see the difference in skill when novice is pitted against an expert. The name of my documentary will be “The Ludus”. A ludus was a training school for gladiators that would later fight before roaring crowds in the coliseum of ancient Rome. The title is appropriate due to the close relation a boxing gym and an ancient gladiator school share; it is where you learn to fight. It is where you hone your skills for months to years for an upcoming battle that could last just seconds.

I intend to step away from the common talking head style interview by focusing strictly on the gym, its tools and the relations between its visitors and itself. The boxing gym itself will tell the story. The gym will speak, considering itself a sort of god that forges warriors, but in order to survive it needs the very people that train within it for sustenance (idea inspired by Clash of the Titans, 2010). The gyms trainer’s acts as it voice directing recruits in the art of the sweet science. The trainees act, as the gyms will, following the trainer’s lesson in anticipation of true contest in the ring. Although some it would be safe to assume boxers would go to a boxing gym, there are those that go for their own personal reasons, whether it be love of the sport, self defense or fitness. The gym will also speak about it own feelings towards these individuals.

I would love to see a boxing documentary such as the one I’m making. The very topic would have my interest as well as seeing the different approach taken in order to convey their story. I would be interested in what angle they would take. Would they treat the gym as a person? Would they focus on a specific area within the gym? Would they focus on the events or dreams that the gym has made possible?


  1. admin says:

    Great description of your project.. Although I would have liked more of a story per-se… I think I understand…

    When thinking visually, you’ll need to think about the WILL of the gym as it is imposed on the boxer.. This will should be heavy and oppressive.. But also you need to find a way to create this character (The gym)… How does it interact with the characters that live inside it? And even though you seem to have a narration component built in.. it may make it seem like too much of a commercial (but it may work)..

    I look forward to seeing some visuals! It sounds like a great angle..

  2. admin says:

    GREAT Title by the way…

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