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A Creepy Tour Down “Sweet Hollow Road” (JRB)


March 26, 2012 by joonmarie

The 1ST version of “Sweet Hollow Road” delivers a chille/eerie effect, without feeling too drawn-out. I believe that this (00:00:31 sec.) dramatized film is a creepy tour through an otherwise ordinary (although legendary) street with a hiking & dog park. I believe it is effective in stirring curiosity–without boring the audience with the same typical oh-it’s-another-tree angle. 

I also made a 2ND version which is a little under (00:01:20sec)

If I had to choose between the 2 to submit, I would choose the 1st VERSION.



  1. Iddanb says:

    OOooo. Scary. I like both, but I think the extra sounds like leaves being stepped on and twigs snapping adds to the erie effect. Also shoot 24 fps is great for this.

    Awesome job.

  2. joonmarie says:

    Thanks Iddan ^.^

  3. […] Joonmarie takes us down an old all but forgotten road that bears legendary significance; see if the name “Sweet Hollow Road” rings a bell. She does an awesome job reminding us of what this quiet lonely area is famous for. The color schemes, sound effects and strange camera shots/angles really help recreate this old legend. Her film had me curiously digging into google for old tales. […]

  4. joonmarie says:

    Thank you for the your appreciation! I had some great feedback from my peers and will most likely revise “Sweet Hollow Road” to make a few changes. It will still have the creepy feel, but I will fix a few glitches.

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