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Time Clash (Final Build)


March 27, 2012 by Alfred_Parsard_The_Truth

Roosevelt Island is a unique enviornment to live around. The island is somewhat of a time machine as half the island is historical relics and landmarks, while the rest of the island is is up to date with bistros and condominiums. Roosevelt Island is home to mostly elderly and young children who can reminisce and learn about these relics. However, with keeping the town up to date, this presents a Time Clash.

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  1. Iddanb says:

    I love how you separated the island’s elements based on their time period using visuals (the black and white grainy filter). I also like the shot at the end 1:23 where you returned to a similar shot as the opening shot, but then expanded to show the new reality, a bus passing by. I get it. Great work.

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