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Final Project, STEP 1. “Humble Beginnings”


March 28, 2012 by admin

Great class tonight everyone. It was great to see your work progress in not only storytelling, but taking risks with color, composition and narrative. I commend you on your efforts. So pat yourself on the back, have a snack, and get ready. The real work is about to begin.

“A Humble Beginning”

The first half of the semester has been dedicated to the study and practice of capturing “the real” to tell a story. Whether through simplistic storytelling with still images and interview audio in project 1, or by revealing the life contained in space, conveyed in project 2. The objective was always the same, find a story around you, and tell it in your voice as you see it.

In this final project, you will be embarking on phase three of the holy CT 355 trilogy. Having started with a person, moving on to a place, and now… capturing “a thing”. The goal is simple, document a slice of life that interests you. This could be anything from a social cause to a notable person. The topic possibilities are limitless.

Over the next two weeks, we will be discussing possible documentary topics that interest you, the class, and your eventual group that you will be working with.


Next week, you wil be required to bring in a newspaper or magazine article with a possible documentary topic. Before the class meets on Tuesday, please post a link or a scan of the article to the blog with a 150 word proposal outlining your idea. Please answer the following questions throughly in your blog post. Posts due by April 1st @ 11:59pm. Please also categorize and tag your post with “Final Project” and “Humble Beginnings”.

    1. Why would this topic make a good documentary?
    2. What questions would you like this documentary to answer?
    3. Who would you interview for this documentary?
    4. How and why is this topic accessible to you?
    5. What do you want the documentary to be about?
Between April 2nd and 3rd you are also required to give feedback to each of your classmates documentary proposal blog posts. Feel free to ask questions and express concerns that you may have with the project. Blog post responses are due by 5pm April 3rd. The goal is to be familiar with everyones proposals before class on Tuesday.
Next Weeks Guest Lecturer

Professor Michel Smith will be leading next weeks course discussion finding the best possible stories that you bring in. The whole class will be dedicated to evaluating the proposals finding the best 5 or 6 ideas to move forward with the next step. Your goal for this class session is to decide on what Ideas will work given the 7 week turnaround. Michael will assign you a blog post for this week (due April 10th) that will be graded per our usual standards.

The week of April 10th we will solidify the topics and break up into assigned production teams of four. From there, production and pre/post production schedules will be formed and production will commence. More details will emerge as we move forward.

I will be off campus until April 8th, so feel free to reach out to Michael with any ideas that you may want to throw by him.. he gives great feedback and you’ll enjoy his honesty. his email is mbsmith(at)

Good luck, and see you in two weeks.

Later Suckers!

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