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April 1, 2012 by Andres

My story proposal is about the lottery. With the recent announcement of lottery winner, the lottery playing has been a frenzy ever since we can even remember. There’s a lot of debatable myths about it like winning the lottery has its curse or whatever, but I find it personally fascinating how the giveaway of millions of dollars puts the country on a mass craze where everyone all of a sudden go to church, pray and beg for a miracle to win the big prize. I hope to explore the history of the lottery, get personal with people who play and perhaps discuss what some of the winners have done with the money. The questions i hope to answer within the documentary are How does the lottery work, Who are some of the winners, How often do people play, Statistics and facts on winners and buyers and i would address some pedestrians what would they do if they won the lottery. Everyone always talks about what they would do if they won a million dollars, but if given the chance to win over 600 million, what would you really do?


  1. joonmarie says:

    Interesting topic, I’m actually watching “How The Lottery Changed My Life” right now. I’m wondering what narrative you would take to tell the story. Will you have characters talk about the statistics? or are you going to have interstitial? Good Luck!

  2. 123aqualight says:

    Do you know actual winners? Cause that would be awesome, and what kind of lottery do you want to talk about the mega million, scratch, the power ball, etc.

  3. Terrance says:

    This just reminded me how i waisted 20 bucks on that Mega Millions on friday because it was 500k. Cool topic btw i would like to see theses lottery junkies talk about their process on picking the numbers they pick.

  4. ienemuo says:

    Dope topic, I had seen a similar special on the E! channel years back with two sides to the story, both successes and failures!

  5. wlee4 says:

    Great topic because there are just so many people that you can get winners and losers and you can really go to what really drives people to just go out and play if they alrady have

  6. redrumrebel says:

    Now this is a great recent topic to do an doc on, I want to know where the people you are going to interview coming from. Are they from different classes, or ethnicity’s?

  7. Alfred_Parsard_The_Truth says:

    this might be a little difficult for you bro. During the last drawing, nobody from New York City won. How do you plan on doing the story. Have you thought about doing it from a loser’s perspective? How about the money the stores that sell the tickets make? Ty thinking outside the box for this story.

  8. kcollins says:

    This topic is relavent every time the lottery comes around and im usually interested in the what happened after the lotto stories. Will you be including your own personal opinions in the documentary?

  9. leearia says:

    What is the angle of your story. Some of your commentary suggests that people go to great lengths to try to win. Are you portraying lottery frenzy in a bad light? Will you be talking about the statistics and the money that is actually made from lottery buyers?

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