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Police and The Public


April 2, 2012 by kcollins

Most recently the country has been up in arms around the case following the deceased young teen, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman , the man responsible for taking his life. When cases involve murder one would think the case might be a little more cut and dry than this current one is turning out to be. Many attribute this to race, the fact that Trayvon’s killer was is a white man and if thing were to be switched and it was white child gunned down by a black man he would be in jail. The taste of injustice fills the mouths of many minorities and this may change or solidify the views that they have towards the justice system, all of it, especially the part people are closer to the police.

This makes a good documentary because the relationship between the community and its civil servants is always relevant. It can change the entire atmosphere of a neighbor hood. Do people feel safe, threatened or a little bit of both?  The subjects would be everyday pedestrians of different races, age groups, and areas around New York trying for variety. I would like to question officers themselves. Due to the fact that people are everywhere and active all times of the day and armed with opinions the topic would be very accessible.



  1. Andres says:

    In your story, would you be leaning more towards the race aspect of the situation, or what actually happened? keep that in mind because these two options can give you two totally different outcomes

  2. Terrance says:

    im interested in the approach you are going to take to bring this to life on your doc., because this is a very intricate topic, and some people are plain ignorant, and can’t handle reality, even if young people want to go to a candy store wearing a hoody, but some how these people feel threaten. really?

  3. 123aqualight says:

    It seems that you have a lot in your plate. But is the question that they feel unsafe from the police, or the area they live in.?

  4. ienemuo says:

    The story is relevant to today, the sooner you get this doc off the ground the more advantageous it will be towards your youtube views

  5. wlee4 says:

    as with any one who wants to shoot when police are involved say be careful so not to get caught and try to clear out the uneccessary to only have what relevant

  6. dwaynedp says:

    As said earlier this is a relevant topic and people are still constantly talking about it. The hype of the story being in the headlines are beginning to die down. I would also recommend doing this project early rather than later.

  7. redrumrebel says:

    Another hot button issue topic. The only problem I have is that not a lot of people would want to be in front of a camera, and considering that you want to interview pedestrians would be difficult.

  8. Alfred_Parsard_The_Truth says:

    Great topic choice. This topic is one of those things that will always stay relevant. There are alot of avenues you can go down. However, it might be a challenge to get an officer interview on camera.

  9. kevfandino says:

    This is a really relevant topic.. but interview the man on the street might not go where you want it to or might find some gold. It could be too much of a hit or miss.

  10. leearia says:

    This topic is like mine but the focus isn’t just the police. How will you include the views of the servants of the justice system since it is a part of your topic?

  11. JHomnaut says:

    hmm, sounds like your touching on i chose too, it is sad to see how far our civil rights leaders have come to bring an end to racism and it still exists today…one thing i was thinking about as i read your is, what if it was a black male that shot that young black man? would that still be racism, would he have been in jail already or would he be in the same position as the white male is in now…

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