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Your Couch: The New Cubicle (JRB)


April 2, 2012 by joonmarie

As a college student, I myself have been drawn to “work at home” opportunities. Whether you are a stay at home mom, disabled, or plain ol’ lazy, telecommuting can be the job of your dreams. But what is the price of working at home? Isolation? Depression? Why work at home?

Example of someone working at home (Me working on script)

This topic is accessible to me because I don’t just know plenty of people that are currently telecommuniting, but I am currently one of them. Inspired by the TV documentary “Life 2.0”–where people’s ¬†virtual alter egos can play and their business can thrive, I want attracted to the possibility of the vast world of the World Wide Web.

Whether through email, Skype, Dropbox or Craigslist, people are searching for a way to have a fabulous job, without changing from your pajamas.

I want the documentary to be about the struggles and rewards of working from home, and how it affects the dynamic of the rest of their lives (e.g. romantic and platonic relationships, health, wealth…)

Inspired by: 7-Work-From-Home-Jobs You Might Not Know About


  1. Andres says:

    This seems like a very personal project. Are you trying to create an awareness of this relatable topic or just speaking about it and addressing it to a specific audience? I think it’s a very interesting subject

  2. 123aqualight says:

    This is a interesting topic, since I won’t mind doing that but just like you said, is it good or bad. I wonder what the out come of the doc. would be.

  3. Terrance says:

    i get spam from people trying to sell me some packages that eventually will turn me into some sort of guru to make money online, do these jobs really exist? personally, i’ve never met anybody that is financially stable working from home. interesting topic, would like to see the different points of views of your doc.

  4. ienemuo says:

    Intresting topic, this is relevant to the current financial times

  5. wlee4 says:

    you seem to have a real emotional connection to this topic and it makes people think about their financial issues

  6. dwaynedp says:

    I like your topic a lot because I always wonders about the aspects of people who work at home. As a college student I feel more comfortable working at home.

  7. redrumrebel says:

    Wow, now this is the definition of access because who doesn’t have access to a couch, haha. I support this doc.

  8. Alfred_Parsard_The_Truth says:

    This would make for a good story. Everyone can relate because who hasn’t worked at home from their couch, interviews should not be that difficult to obtain.

  9. kcollins says:

    Interesting. I to was one of the people interested in working from home, not paying for metro cards or gas, dealing with the morning crowds sounds good to me. I look forward to how the pitfalls of this way of life will be presented.

  10. leearia says:

    I like this idea, how will you go about finding your talent? If you can get really different ones, it could be very attention-grabbing. This gives me an MTV true life feel. Would you consider doing it in this manner on a smaller scale (since you wouldn’t be able to follow them around as much)?

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