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Whats the big deal?


April 3, 2012 by kevfandino

Explain gay marriage

Point of view of man on street

Respect gay people



PROP 8 PROTEST  11.15.2008

Proposition 8 Protest in Sacramento

"Straight Against Hate"
nyc gay pride 2011-70

Straights, against, prop 8, Gay Rights, Gay Marriage Pride Nyc


Before: A character in my story will get ready for normal day. He will get out of bed, and get through the motions of getting ready for his work.As he leave he says bye to his kids and husband. Then gets to the office where he is a respected boss.He will appear as “normal” as any other man.

After: He comes home to his family and spends some quality time with them. Interacts with    them like any other family.


  1. Andres says:

    This is definitely a controversial topic and getting exclusive coverage is almost a must. You can always get the outrage from both sides of the groups and compare them, but talking to the big heads and getting their reasons would also be interesting. Something to think about

  2. wlee4 says:

    a interesting and controversial topic but you should be able to handle it and give a clear picture

  3. sdyer says:

    This is another conversation that has been going on in a while. Unlike the conversation about race, this dialogue is only in its infancy.

  4. 123aqualight says:

    a great topic to cover!

  5. JHomnaut says:

    your topic intregues me, having same sex orientation is a hot topic, but i personally feel this subject is now being used to get popularity especially among politicians, to be honest with you they cause more issues on this subject than anyone else…

  6. redrumrebel says:

    I feel that your Doc. would become more personal then any other Doc. in class. That can either hinder or help your Doc.

  7. Terrance says:

    interesting topic.

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