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Lets Go Retro


April 3, 2012 by wlee4

Retro and Vintage


A way of living your life


This is who I am


In my story my characters will show what it means to be retro and vintage and how they do it

“I remember when I use to dress in the current times. You the fitting jeans, the leather jackets, and the timberland boots. And I just felt so out of place because I felt like the cloths just didn’t suit me. I felt I was trapped in this shell that I just didn’t want to be in at all. Then one day all that changed. I was going through some old pictures from the 80’s of the baggy cloths, the flashy colors, the big jewlery, and over sized bling. And I felt that this is who I am a flashy loud kind of person. So its then that I realized that my style was retro and the vintage style of clothing suited me to a absolute tee.”


  1. leearia says:

    Is this documentary about your retro vintage life?

  2. PhilippeChery says:

    Sounds like someone is living in the past or bring the past back.

  3. Andres says:

    This seems to be very similar to dwaynes topic, how you’ll make yours different should be intriguing.

  4. wlee4 says:

    were actually doing the same people since we kno the subjects from high school

  5. sdyer says:

    This topic sounds like the other one. So my comments echo my thoughts on the other page.

  6. 123aqualight says:

    Fashion always recycle.

  7. redrumrebel says:

    It’s going to be interesting in seeing how you’ll show what is retro.

  8. Terrance says:

    like to see the outcome of your piece.

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