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April 3, 2012 by JHomnaut


divided humanity

group unity

Racism in American Society



On Racial Tolerance and Living in Harmony with Each Other...

Martin Luther King I Have a Dream today

Black and white handshake


racism, racial, racial separation, unity





Before I got shot I was just waking down the street talking to my girlfriend on the phone tell her how much I enjoyed the day with with her. It was such a wonderful day. I was just walking down the street now minding my own business.┬áHe approached me and began to harass me because I was wearing a hoodie. In his eyes it made me look like I was up to no good because I looked different, I dressed different. What he did next changed my life forever, wait…thanks to him I no Longer have a life because he shot me cold blood. He felt I was a terror to his neighborhood because I walked down the street with my hoodie on.




  1. ienemuo says:

    Topic is in vogue in the media and social network arena. Would like to see how it turns out

  2. joonmarie says:

    This can be done different ways, im wondering how this will turn out.

  3. Andres says:

    This is almost like a poetic love letter to all of those civil right leaders. Would you focus on any particular method and how far we’ve come?

  4. sdyer says:

    This conversation has been going on for more than 200 years. It will continue to go on and I am interested in seeing what you have to add to the dialogue.

  5. 123aqualight says:

    This would be a interesting project, i wonder what the outcome will be

  6. PhilippeChery says:

    Making the difference something of a similarity? I wonder what approach you’ll take in your story

  7. uchenna.nwaogu says:

    i think this is a good choice cuz its really recent and plays to current fears in many different communities.

  8. dwaynedp says:

    The story of racism is an old topic that never seems to be brought up constantly. Seeing modern racism and the effects it takes would be interesting to see.

  9. kcollins says:

    interested in the way this would turn out. i know racism would be prevalent but how would you chose to handle the topic.

  10. Terrance says:

    cool idea, like to see the approach and the outcome.

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