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Starting Anew


April 3, 2012 by sdyer

The Old Chapter done

a new dream in tough times

Old Dog learns New Tricks


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A lot of times in life we find ourselves doing what we have to do instead of doing what we want to do. Coming out of school Taniqua decided that she was going to become a teacher instead of chasing her dream of starting her own restaurant. She was loaded up with debt and wanted to get a job right away to start paying her bills. Starting a business seemed to costly.

The economy has taken a turn for the worse and city and state budgets have tightened. As a result the city has to start laying people off. When it comes to firing teachers the newbies are the first ones to go. Even though Taniqua has been teaching three years, she has no seniority and is considered expendable even though she is very good at her job.

The news is devastating and Taniqua has no idea how she is going to make things happen. A few weeks pass and she reads in the newspaper that the Queens Chamber of Commerce is giving workshops on how to start a new business in the food industry and how to do it in a inexpensive way, bypassing all of the burdensome red tape.

Taniqua is excited but hesitant, she decides to give it a shot because she always wanted to open her own restaurant. While attending the workshop she imagines all of the possibilities and soaks up all of the information being given.

Taniqua came up with an amazing business plan and was able to get a loan to help her start her business. Coming by small business loans is tough in this environment and she understands how fortunate she is. Taniqua’s business has been doing well and she enjoys the freedom of working for herself.



  1. Andres says:

    Second line only 6 syllables

  2. ienemuo says:

    This topic been on my mind for ever, Im hopeful it will help reach out to and touch the desired audience and not just be a doc project

  3. Andres says:

    You seem to be having a consistency in your themes of like out with the old, in with the new. i think it’s great and would love to see where you go with this.

  4. wlee4 says:

    the flow of your idea is well put together and your headed the right way

  5. 123aqualight says:

    would like to see the how its put together!

  6. joonmarie says:

    Sounds like the American dream.

  7. Alfred_Parsard_The_Truth says:

    I would love to see how this would com together, interesting story

  8. PhilippeChery says:

    Getting fired and trying to find another job is a very difficult but america is the land of opportunity and if you cant find a job i guess the best thing to do is to create one.

  9. uchenna.nwaogu says:

    the death of a dream is always interesting in my opinion. im looking forward too seeing how this works out.

  10. dwaynedp says:

    Starting fresh is always a hard thing to do. The story becomes interesting because the character attempts their dream and I like that.

  11. kcollins says:

    with times the way they are, besides being interesting, this can be a very heartfelt project.

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