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Final Project 4 -17-12 In-class Deliverables (Group 1)


April 17, 2012 by leearia

1) TBA

2) TBA

3) “You carry preconceived notions that affect your personal relationships with people”/  “You are personally responsible for perpetuated stereotypes”/  “Everybody is a little racist. Everybody.”/  “You have no choice but to be stereotypical”/  “Stereotypes have been around so long because they’re convenient.”/ “No matter who you are or where you’re from you have and will judge people based on preconceived notions”/ “As much as a negative stigma they have, we draw the lines that help keep stereotypes alive”

4) As much as we all like to deny it we all subscribe to stereotypes that inform  how we view other people. Stereotypes have persisted for as long as they have simply because they are convenient.
5) Many of us go through life feeling as though we are high minded, that we look past the preconcieved notions that accompany people of different races and lifestyles. The fact is that we do. It is easy to say that a person is discriminating or profiling when they bring up your race, lifestyle or beliefs as an issue, but is it ever necessary?
5)The existence, support, and renouncement of stereotypes/preconceived notions have been in place for centuries. People general say that they hate them, and are above them but for the most part, live by them, whether they know it or not. There is a extreme contradiction in society that these stereotypes thrive on. While wanting to be treated individual in some cases, there is no doubt that people want to belong to some group. With these devices in place, there is no room for a doing-away with stereotypes/preconceived notions because as we draw lines to define ourselves, we draw lines to define others as well. This is the politically correct version. Behind close doors we are more comfortable voicing our true perceptions which are in most cases more negative than we’d like to admit.

6) 10 Potential characters to interview: A Welfare office worker, african americans who grew up in the united states during segregated times, retail employees, educators, victim of law enforcement racial profiling, students, a 13 year old, a retired corrections officer, a healthcare provider/hospital worker, a service clerk

7) 10 Things to use: Clips from movies that portray prejudice and stereotypes, clips of songs detailing stereotypes, clips of stand up comedians with racist jokes, news articles on racism, news reports on various hate related crime, posters/pictures detailing prejudice/racism, web blog pages, media from various organizations, advertisements, print media
8) Michael Walkes, Vanvalor Parsard, Vera Romain

April 17-19

Thurs meeting 2pm-3pm

Alfred – Interview with Vanvalor

Stephen – Welfare Office (Possible Precinct & Interview) footage

Leeza – 71st Precinct footage

Khalid – Union Square footage


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