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Final Project 4-17-12 In-class Deliverables


April 17, 2012 by admin

Now that we have all gotten to know each other and our ideas together. Let’s get it it paper. Hopefully you have all exchanged phone numbers and emails by now.

Over the Next 50 minutes, I would like you to all contribute the following written materials in a new blog post. Please answer the following questions as complete as possible.

  1. What is the Tentative Title of your piece
  2. What is your group name and please list all of the members of your group.
  3. What do you want the viewer to learn at the conclusion of your piece.
  4. In two sentences, please describe the entirety of your piece.
  5. In one paragraph, please describe the entirety of your piece. (do not copy material from above)
  6. List 10 potential (Theoretical) cast members for your piece.
  7. List 10 (Theoretical) pieces of media that you will need to collect for your piece.
  8. List the names of any characters that you have immediate access to that would help tell your story.

We have a total of 5 weeks from today to produce this piece. Please give me a detailed production schedule that defines deadlines for pre-production, production, and post production. Please use 3-day increments for your production timeline. Use the guide below to help in this creation.

April 17-19

April 20-22

April 23-25

April 26-28

April 29 – May 1

May 2-4

May 5-7

May 6-8

May 9-11

May 12-14

May 15-17

May 16-18

May 19-21

May 22-24



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