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New York Below(tentative title) : Uchenna, Ify, Terrance, James


April 17, 2012 by uchenna.nwaogu

At the Conclusion of the piece we would like the viewer to learn that though a grey area, there is an underground economy populated by different types of people.

The main point that we’re trying to  get across is that in the subways of NY, there are different varieties of people hustling to get money or attention in different ways. Whether it be through Performances, or beggars, or people selling things in the subway, these people are part of the underground economy.

We want to open the viewer’s eyes to see the way the people in the subway interact, communicate, and exchange money. We will show the differences of subway riders, following certain musicians, and how and why people benefit from the underground economy.


The subway as a character itself, people in the subway who play instruments, dancers, singers, newspaper sellers, candy sellers, churros sales people,  tourists,  hustlers, illegal swipers

Union Square, Grand Central, West 4th

We plan on  interviewing Subway performers, hustlers and tourists to get an understanding of what the subway and the different things that happen on a daily basis mean to them. That’s the economic aspect of the project.


For types of media we can pull from, we could possibly cite articles or use footage from movies and shows. we plan on shooting a lot of our own content for the piece.

We already have about 6 people we can talk to from this world for our piece,


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