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May 1, 2012 by Andres

Andres Ramirez

Dwayne Pierre

Kevin Fandino

William Lee


Scene 1

Opening- Montages of what characters say love is to them while we have a footage of “Let’s be Normal” is being written in chalk on the floor.


Scene 2

We turn to different generations of people, with different views and sexual orientation, and we turn to one character, the radical one who does not believe in homosexual marriage while we have b roll of happy gay couples.


Scene 3

We have the couple talk about their union while discussing church and religion. As they speak their minds, different b roll of church footage and location being seen while we have verses from the bible bringing down homosexuality, yet turn to different points of historic figures who were indeed homosexual.


Scene 4

The LGTB center is shown. We have a tour of the place; people coming in and out (no pun intended) and people with their fears entering while we have pictures of the nice area, the commuters and the homosexual inhabitants.


Scene 5

Street talk of people, b roll of characters describing their views. As raw and real as they claim them. Walk and talk cinema verite of people around the village area.


Scene 6

While showing a park, which contains a fountain that symbolizes people wishes onto them. Wishes of being normal and accepted, wishes of not being discriminated and judged, b roll of people observing in a judging manner.


Scene 7

We have a scene, quick montage of drag. The typical stereotyped homosexual scene versus another couple that don’t fit the stereotype. We have that couple compared to a heterosexual couple who also have their own views.


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