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Tues May 1st – 7 Scenes


May 1, 2012 by leearia

1.   Opening Scene

The scene opens with different shot of murals that in some way speak to diversity of culture, gender, anything that may suggest grouping from the 5 boroughs. Underlying will be a sound montage (maybe video) of strong stereotypical statement from stand up comedians. The graphic for “Drawing Lines” will transition onto the screen.


2.    Scene Courtney

Sit down with Courtney in front of the library at Hofstra university. While she speaks about her grandmother being a racist, there will be b-roll of parents and children. The shots will be from Soundview where she grew up.

While she is talking about the diversity in her law school, we will show her in a study group that is diverse. We also have shots of other diverse groups in a mock trial room.


3.   Scene Roberto
·      Establishing the school scene.
·      Wide shot of school diagonally facing first from the left side then the same shot facing the right.
·      Wide shot of the building tilting down from ceiling to front doors.
·      Shots of the schools social areas (cafeteria) focusing on how the people are grouped.
·      Long shot of Roberto entering the front door walking to towards the camera from medium to close shot.
·      Starts his interview in an empty classroom.
·      B-roll of him interacting with different people. Early childhood photos of him in school showing how diverse school was or was not for him.
4.   Scene Vanvalor
Interview with vanvalor in her home. As she is talking, she mentions being sprayed with hoses of water, a changing community, how New York City has become a melting pot, and her struggles as a black female growing up in the 60’s. This will be intercut with archival footage of Civil rights leaders when she mentions her upbringing. Archival photos of her neighborhood from the time period will also be used to document what the old neighborhood looked like. As the conversation moves on toward how her community has changed, b-roll will be shown of the neighborhood and is diverse residents.

Scene Chris
5.     Interview of Chris outside the front entrance of York College. Subjects that come up as he is talking are racism in his youth, gentrification, how he loves rap music despite the bad name it has given his race, his feelings on people of different ethnicities opening businesses in his neighborhood, poverty in his neighborhood, and how he believes he does not fit what someone will see of a black man on tv. B-roll of various “hood movies” that showcase african american stereotypes will be played in between the time that he talks. Also, b-roll of his area will be played to showcase the businesses that “exploit” his neighborhood such as liquor stores and fried chicken spots. When he touches on rap music, clips from various raunchy and explicit music videos will play.
6.    Scene Experts
Outside of york college with students and people passing by, 3 multi ethnic sociologists from York College sit infront of the building at a round table discussing the reason and effects of stereotyping.
7.   Closing Scene
(Idea 1)
Interviewee Courtney comes to the realization of the ultimate cause of using stereotypes, while we showcase b-roll of more people, possibly comedians telling stereotypical jokes and the audience reactions (laughter)


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