Assignment, Week 3

The following Tutorials Must be completed for next week.
14. Keying and Compositing

  • Removing a green screen background 04m 37s
  • Refining the matte 04m 48s
  • Compositing with color adjustments 04m 50s
  • Compositing with blend modes

Ken Burns’ Worst Nightmare (Project) Worth 50 points

Over the next two weeks, we will be embarking on a journey through the mind of Ken Burns. Using the tutorials that you have done outside of class, in addition to last nights (9-14-11) course, you will be creating a storyplay using the advanced “Ken Burns” effect.

Project requirements (Due Oct. 4th):

  • Video must include Audio & Video
  • 60 seconds in length (That’s a long time in TV Land)
  • Contain only 5 images that contain motion, layers, and E-motion
  • Needs to include Voice Over and/or music
  • Must be on your personal website (Sorry no social networks)
  • Must be posted to YouTube or Vimeo (Vimeo Preffered)
  • Must be posted on the class blog no later than 11:59pm on October 4th.
DUE NEXT WEEK (Sept 21, 2011)
You will need to hand in copies of the following items to me at the beginning of class. Please put them in a folder with your name on everything.
  • Designate 5 pictures that you will use in your photoplay
  • You will need one storyboard (minimum) completed for each photo. Please download the storyboard below. 1 page  1 storyboard.
  • Chosen your music (No need to put this in the folder, bring it in so we can listen to it.)
  • A 5 sentence paragraph that outlines or pitches your story.
I will collect these folders in class and you will all pitch your storys for feedback from the class.
Please remember that the criteria above is all that I am requiring for this project. Feel free to do something different. Have fun with it. Get “Artsy”. Tell a story. Visualize an emotion. But please remember, you only have three weeks to design, program and output your compositions. You will run into MANY problems.. so start early. I have no pity for procrastinators. :)

This video project is due October 4th since there are no classes scheduled on September 28th. Good luck, and I will see you next week.









Download Template LINK

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