Final Project, Proposals & Dates

Hey there everyone. I wanted to give you an outline of what is Due over the next several weeks as we head toward the final project.

As you know, in the final project you will use our skills to create a “Show package” for a fictional show that you will create graphics for. Now this does not mean that you will be shooting a TV show, and creating graphics for it.. It means that you will be shooting only the sections that the graphics appear… Then creating the graphics for it.

Please see the “Sports Show” example below:

What you will be creating are Graphics for a show that is of a non-fiction nature. That is, it should be based on a “reality type” show. So, you could choose sports, home and garden, technology, hobbies, Video Games, or just about anything you want. It’s your show.. and your graphics. You’ve all seen them before, now its time to make em. Have some fun.

Shows that you could use for inspiration could be on MTV, Home and garden network, Discovery Channel Etc…

So, with that said. Specifically, you will be creating:

  1. A 15 second “show open” with titles, text, audio and video.
  2. “Information Graphics” for insertion during a segment of your show.
  3. “Lower 3rds” that display names and titles of the talent in your show.
  4. Simple show “credits” that fit the theme of your show or video game
Show Open (Fiction Example)

Info Graphics & Lower thirds (News)

Credits (Videogame)


So.. Lets talk timeline. The details will be outlined in class as we move forward.

November 30th: Due on the blog on November 29th @ 11:59pm.

Post show idea to the blog. The proposal should include the following.

  • TWO paragraphs explaining the details of your show
    • Title
    • Show topic
    • “Style” and “Feel” of your graphics
    • Colors associated with your show
    • Who your demographic is
    • Some elements you may want to use in your graphic
    • List several shows that are similar in topic, and viewership of your show
  • 2 Web-links with some example of some inspirational graphics

In class, we will present your ideas to the class and refine your proposal.. You will also get the opportunity to start the creation of your project in class.

December 7th  

Rough animatics and sketched storyboards due in class.

December 14th (Reading Day, No Class)

Rough Cuts posted on the blog, and feedback provided by class.

December 21st

Projects presented and submitted for final project.

So that’s about it… 5 weeks left.. 4 deadlines, and 1 project to complete. I will give more details for the next three deadlines in class. But I think everyone knows the drill by now for these projects.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


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